The Miami Dolphins are Mandich and Gesicki days away from season

Mike GesickiHouston Texans V Miami Dolphins 14 - Palm Beach Post
Mike GesickiHouston Texans V Miami Dolphins 14 - Palm Beach Post /

It’s Thursday and that means we are not only getting closer to the end of the week but also closer to the start of the Miami Dolphins season!

We are 88 days out and our countdown continues forward with a first in our series. For the number 88, I am going to declare that there will be not one, but two representatives. In our first tie, 88 will be represented by both Jim Mandich and Mike Gesicki.

I know what you’re thinking: “Nick, you already bent the rules a bit with the Ogunleye number and now we’re giving out a tie? What gives?” Great question!

When it comes to this number, it was challenging to pick between Dolphins lore and actual performance on the field statistically. If we look at just performance, the recognition should go to Gesicki since he has already surpassed Mandich in every major statistical category including catches, yards and touchdowns (stats courtesy of pro-football-reference). For context, Mandich played for 9 seasons and Gesicki only 4. I recognize that the game has changed since Manich’s playing time, but the numbers are what they are.

If you think about a player’s individual meaning to the franchise as a whole, however, it’s Mandich without hesitation.

He has Geiscki beat when it comes to years in the organization, including his playing and broadcast careers. Mad Dog is a legend among Dolphins fans and his signature “Alright Miami” is recognizable to anyone who ever turned on a Dolphins game over the radio.

Gesicki still has the ability to turn into one of the better tight ends this franchise has ever had if this new coaching staff can find a way to maximize his potential and get him the ball a bit more consistently. If he signs a long-term deal and turns into the star he can be, he might be able to keep this number recognition for himself.

Even if he does, however, he won’t be able to take away what Mandich has meant to the team and fan base since his playing career. That is the stuff of legends.