Madden 23 says Tyreek Hill is the best WR in AFC East

Tyreek Hill(Photo by Joel Auerbach/Getty Images)
Tyreek Hill(Photo by Joel Auerbach/Getty Images) /

Tyreek Hill’s arrival in Miami makes him the best wide receiver on the team. But what about his ranking in the division? Madden 23 thinks highly of him.

The Miami Dolphins focused much of their off-season attention and resources on the wide receiver position. After a handful of seasons in which the core of weapons was considered lackluster, the team in South Florida now has one of the top positional units in the entire league, thanks in large part to Tyreek Hill.

That type of thing tends to happen when you acquire one of the premiere players at the position and in the league. The arrival of Hill was unexpected, but welcomed with open arms by fans starved for a superstar who could help the team turn the corner.

With a player like that comes expectations, as well as comparisons. I have already given my opinion on who I thought was the best wide receiver in the AFC East, a piece that goes against the eventual Madden 23 ratings that were released early this week. But my reasoning was more about fit and continuity, rather than simply the most skilled, which is how the Madden ratings generally work.

EA Sports has been and will be releasing the player and team ratings for the upcoming video game all throughout the week, and the wide receivers and tight ends were up first. There are plenty of interesting tidbits, but the one that sticks out the most is how Hill stacks up against the other wideouts in the division.

Hill has been given a 97 overall rating for Madden 23, good enough for third best of any other wide receiver in the game behind Davante Adams (99) and Cooper Kupp (98). That makes him the top rating pass catcher in the AFC East, edging out Stephon Diggs (95), who is the fifth-highest rated overall.

When examining the exact attribute ratings, it is apparent that it is the speed that sets Hill apart. He is the fastest player in Madden 23 with a rating of 99, and the same for his acceleration. Diggs is fast is his own right, but his 92 and 94 speed and acceleration numbers lack in comparison.

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There is a large gap between Diggs and Jaylen Waddle, who is criminally rated at 84 but is still the third-highest rated wide receiver in the AFC East. The Patriots have the next three on their roster in DeVante Parker, Kendrick Bourne, and Nelson Agholor.

The highest-rated Jets wide receiver is Corey Davis (79), who is the 9th best in the division according to Madden.