No, the Miami Dolphins aren’t going to trade for Jimmy Garoppolo

Jimmy Garoppolo San Francisco 49ers (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)
Jimmy Garoppolo San Francisco 49ers (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images) /

I don’t try and make a habit of reacting to every ridiculous and grift-laden article that gets pumped out there. But I just woke up to see this and I’m a little tired, a little wired, and think I deserve a little appreciation (in my best Nick Cage voice) for the declaration I’m about to make. There is no way that the Miami Dolphins trade for Jimmy Garoppolo.

Let it be said that the idea of the Miami Dolphins or better yet, the idea that new head coach Mike McDaniel might possibly want to bolster new life into his relationship with his former quarterback in San Francisco isn’t exactly new. Naturally, that’s been said a little bit since McDaniel got here. But the article that I’m referencing is the fallout from news that the San Francisco 49ers, who we have one of their 1st round picks, which by the way, don’t lose sight of that, have told Jimmy G. can go seek a trade.

You might be saying to yourself, “Sern, posting his article to your article is exactly the kind of thing he wants. You know he just wants clicks for writing something so off-base.” Like I said yesterday, we all want our stuff to be clicked on so I respect the hustle. But I’m all about just admitting to when you’re conning folks and then letting the chips or clicks fall where they may. This guy has the right to say anything he wants but as we know that doesn’t mean he’s free from being called an ambulance chaser.

To be fair, would I be completely shocked if some people in the NFL said the Miami Dolphins might be in line for trading for Jimmy G.? No I would not be. There is a countless amount of people who work in the NFL so I’m pretty sure I can find someone that believes anything and will say anything, off the record of course. I’m sure I can find someone who thinks honestly thinks Brett Favre still has a chance to come back, which is actually more plausible than Jimmy G. coming to Miami this year.

Also, the term “NFL executive” can quite possibly mean anybody working for an NFL team in any capacity. Executives can mean vice presidents of football operations, GMs, or low-level scouts. Since there are never names attached to these Heaven’s Gate level claims, who’s to say what position anyone has in these articles? Not just for this article but whenever I see anything that says “talking to some NFL executives”, I just think that the person they’re talking to could be a low-level employee that is looking to be an insider of their own. But I’m a cynic.

The reasons that the Miami Dolphins aren’t going to trade for Jimmy G. are fairly obvious. Though Mike McDaniel is very familiar with Jimmy G’s game, particularly in the offense that McDaniel is implementing, do you really think that the guy whose first order of business was to be on the Miami Dolphin’s jet headed to Miami for his introductory press conference talking to Tua Tagovailoa on camera just so that he can trade for his ex-QB who he knew was going to be available later in the offseason?

On top of that, do we really think that Mike McDaniel and Chris Grier, who again knew that Jimmy G. would be available at some point in the offseason would pay for Teddy Bridgewater’s services giving him $2M guaranteed to be Tua’s backup?

Do we really think that Mike McDaniel wants to be the guy who has said everything he’s said about Tua just to shelve him or get rid of him for a guy of Jimmy G’s caliber? It’s not like this is Peyton Manning before he went to the Broncos or anything like that. I like Jimmy G. I really do. I think the guys gets the job done on teams that have talent at many positions, sort of like the Dolphins right? But we know his ceiling not to mention, though I am that he is coming off a bad shoulder injury.

Now next year, I wouldn’t be surprised at all if Jimmy is in Miami. God/Universe forbid Tua doesn’t have what it takes and holds this offense back. Then I can see McDaniel seeking out Jimmy G. wherever he is and bringing him in to start for the Dolphins while also being a pseudo mentor for the 1st round quarterback I’d expect Miami to draft. That’s a plausible theory that I can get behind. The newly San Francisco to Miami pipeline is real and has cost taxpayers trillions, so it’s going to get used in time.

But Jimmy Garoppolo being traded to the Miami Dolphins for the 2022 season has no chance of happening. I don’t have any sources or any inside information saying that but it’s not going to happen. If you can’t trust me after saying that, I don’t what to tell you besides you have big-time trust issues.

CONSPIRACY THEORY- Damn I love my mind, here’s a theory that just struck me in the head like that drop of blood hit Deacon Frost in the forehead in the first Blade movie. What if McDaniel and Tyreek Hill hatched a plan to pump up Tua to everybody saying he’s the man, that his arm is stronger than ever and that he’s dominating practices so that they can up his value and trade him just so that they can bring in Jimmy G. Now that’s a fun theory to chew on. Enjoy your Thursday

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