Miami Dolphins day 4 recap: Where were you for “The Throw”?

Tyreek Hill(Photo by Joel Auerbach/Getty Images)
Tyreek Hill(Photo by Joel Auerbach/Getty Images) /

It’s nearly been 24 hours since all Miami Dolphins fans around the world came together to rejoice together. We’ve been mocked, made a fool of, and patronized for far too long. Now it seems that there is an excellent chance that it will be our turn to have a competent football team and I feel we will be able to point to “The Throw” as when ascension began.

Yesterday, was day four of training camp and it got off to a ruckus start.

If you didn’t appreciate Tyreek Hill getting everyone in attendance pumped beyond belief then you’re really not going to like this.

If you’re Blaise Andreis and you’re trying to make the Miami Dolphins as a backup lineman, going full Stone Cold Steve Austin isn’t the worst route to take. Don’t be surprised if he drives a beer truck or a Zamboni to the field next week.

It was the first day of Miami Dolphins training camp where fans were able to watch practice. Pretty much all the excellent beat writers and NFL analysts who were in attendance were saying the same thing and that was they either never experienced or recall a time when the fans were more into what was happening on the field.

My boots on the ground, some family of mine who was there, concur that it was absolutely wild down there. I was told the energy was off the chain and the place went bananas every time Tua Tagovailoa made a completion. There were several.

Here’s a nice casual throw to Jaylen Waddle. Just a simple flick of the wrist.

Here’s a beautifully thrown ball to Cedrick Wilson who was running a post corner route.

Then at 11:41 AM eastern standard time, it happened. What many and all intelligent people regardless of bias or not are dubbing “The Throw” happened.

I was sitting on my couch waiting to get picked up to go to a golf tournament, casually refreshing Twitter to see every latest update of what was happening on the field when “The Throw” went down.

I can’t guarantee that seismic activity didn’t occur as a by-product of all the Miami Dolphins fans across the globe freaking out, but I’m not ruling it out.

Usually, when you get asked where you were at a particular time in history it has to do with some tragic and horrific. I’m trying to buck that trend and have more positive moments in time highlighted. If you think about it, Tua throwing a bomb to Tyreek Hill during training camp is one of the more positive things that can happen.

But what a beautiful play am I right? The defense was playing to stop the offense and the Dolphin’s offense executed a terrific play-action pass where Tua had to step up in the pocket and throw it, probably, as far as he can even when Tyreek Hill wasn’t open yet.

That’s the thing with the cheetah, it doesn’t matter if he’s open or not. Just throw it deep and he’ll make sure he either gets to it or that he will be the only one who can possibly get to it. Just let it rip and trust it.

Next-level brains may have also noticed something else on this play. Check out Jaylen Waddle at the top of the screen. He ran a post and was wide-open over the middle. That’s what Tyreek Hill meant when he said defenses are going to be scared as all hell when trying to guard this offense. If the blocking is there and Tua has the proper amount of time, this outcome can happen every few weeks or more.

I fully expect Mike McDaniel to have a near infinite amount of play designs that essentially end up being the same. Designs that have either Hill or Waddle going deep with the other coming across the middle while everyone else like Cedrick Wilson, Mike Gesicki, and Chase Edmonds are lurking elsewhere.

Now let’s get the obvious out of the way. 1. I wasn’t there so if you don’t want to put anything into what I’m saying, go for it. Go read up on the actual beat writers whose career it is to write what’s going on. 2. This was only a practice and the players were not wearing pads. They put the pads on next week.

But if this is any kind of a precursor of things to come I am in fact wildly excited and have a lot of optimism. Am I setting myself to get hurt once again, you betcha. But I don’t care. It feels good to be a Miami Dolphin fan right now. Will there be times when the offense isn’t on the same page and are sort of studdering? Of course. That happens to every team. But the offense quite literally can’t be as bad as last year so seeing plays like this give me hope. Players like Tyreek Hill and Jaylen Waddle give me hope compared to DeVante Parker, Mack Hollins, and Jakeem Grant.

If you want to be a downer and say we’re all dumb for having fun with this and getting our hopes up without seeing it in an actual game, go for it. Go ahead and be Randy Quaid if that’s what you’re in to.

I’m going to go ahead, be in a stellar mood and enjoy my Sunday. I suggest you all do the same.

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