Miami Dolphins: 5 things to love from first week of training camp

Miami Dolphins MIke McDaniel (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)
Miami Dolphins MIke McDaniel (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images) /
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Football is back, and the Miami Dolphins are now in the full swing of training camp. What were the positives from the first week?

The wait is over, and Miami Dolphins football is back! Sort of.

The off-season was full of fireworks and excitement, and it felt like we have longed for Week 1 more this year than we ever have before. But we are one big step closer, as training camp got underway this past Tuesday.

There is a new excitement and buzz in the practice facility, and there will be plenty of eyes on South Florida over the next four weeks as the Dolphins gear up for what could be their most exciting season in recent (or distant) memory. There are new faces, from the coaching staff down to off-season acquisitions on the offensive side of the ball, and there are big expectations in Year 1 of the new regime.

What were the best things to come out of the start of practices? Here are 5 things to love from week one of Miami Dolphins training camp:

Miami Dolphins
Miami Dolphins Tyreek Hill Mandatory Credit: Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports /

Miami Dolphins training camp positive #1: Open mic

The Dolphins opened practice to the public on Saturday, and the bleachers were practically full of fans wanting to catch a glimpse of their new-look squad. There were fireworks on the field, and on the speaker system.

Tyreek Hill stole the show by taking the microphone and hyping up the crowd, promising electric plays on both sides of the ball. He then handed the microphone off to undrafted rookie free agent Andries Blaise, who took center stage by showing that he could have also been a WWE wrestler. He went full Stone Cold Steve Austin by bashing cans over his head while chanting “Rumplestilskin!”

It was an interesting and fun way to start the day and certainly set the tone for an explosive practice session.