Serenity Now: Miami Dolphins get scolded by Roger Goodell

Roger Goodell . (Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images)
Roger Goodell . (Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images) /

Things were obviously going too well for us Miami Dolphins fans. We just couldn’t have had the good times keep rolling as they have been. The off-season was awesome, the draft was sneaky solid for the Dolphins, and from all accounts, the team looks great so far in training camp.

Oh, and Tua Tagovailoa looks as sharp as he could be but we are not allowed to have nice things and the NFL agrees. The NFL has stripped the Miami Dolphins of next year’s 1st round pick and a 3rd round pick in 2024’s NFL Draft,  for tampering with Tom Brady and Sean Payton for a few years.

Does this make the Miami Dolphins and owner Stephen Ross look like a barnyard explosion? Absolutely. You can’t be the most determined team to tamper and then not actually complete the tampering process by signing the player. I mean, you can if you’re the Miami Dolphins.

With that being said, I don’t know how the New England Patriots who did all the Spygate stuff, which is to say that they got caught cheating meaning they tried to alter games by breaking rules on purpose only got a 2nd round pick taken away for that.

Even more recently, Bill Belichick and the New York Giants were caught and it was even in writing from the NFL that they basically blew off the Rooney rule when Brian Daboll was hired and nothing happened to Belichick or the Giants.

Bounty-gate, which was when the New Orleans Saints were paying players extra money to hurt players and get them out of the game only had the Saints lose two 2nd round picks. Hurting guys on purpose is a better thing to do than talking to players who are under contract.

I know there are other instances of much worse stuff happening and lesser punishments being dolled out. Maybe there’s something a billion times worse that is actually happening right now that the league can be decent enough and rule harshly on?

And what are we actually talking about? We’re talking about leaders of a team talking to another player who was on another team about playing for their team. Essentially that is all that happened. This is something that we know every team does in every sport and nobody cares about it. Hell, in the NBA we see players hanging out with each other on yachts trying to convince other players to leave their team and join them and we all laugh about it.

It’s just that the Miami Dolphins are the only team that has ever got caught doing this. They got caught because they had the one coach, Brian Flores, who tried to bring the whole thing down after he got fired. If you want to say that Flores has integrity or something, go for it. Congratulations. You’re the one head coach who didn’t want to get Tom Brady on your team. Real smart stuff right there.

Glass half full here, but at least the Miami Dolphins didn’t get knocked for deliberately trying to lose games.

Overall, Stephen Ross dropped the ball massively. If you’re going to submarine the rules, like I said everyone else does, you better have everything lined up, have your bases covered, and know you do you’re “research” on a potential player without any issues possibly happening.

Not sure what this will ultimately mean in terms of Ross continuing to own the team. Many want him out of here but I don’t think the rest of the league’s owners will band together to get him out even if that’s what should happen. Dan Snyder is still around. That’s another one. That guy did and allowed awful things and nothing happened to his team.

Not having the extra 1st round pick means that it will be much more difficult for the Miami Dolphins to acquire another quarterback in the draft next year or if they were going to trade for I don’t know Lamar Jackson. That safety net is now gone.

But that’s alright. Tua is going to lead the Miami Dolphins to the promised land. I can’t wait for Roger Goodell to hand the Lombardi trophy over to Tua.

Keep up the positive spirits as the Miami Dolphins impress in camp. Take those positive vibes into the season.

For today, however, there is only…

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