Erik Ezukanma is absolutely slaying Dolphins training camp

Tua Tagovailoa (Photo by Joel Auerbach/Getty Images)
Tua Tagovailoa (Photo by Joel Auerbach/Getty Images) /

We’re nearly a week and a half into Miami Dolphin’s training camp and there have been loads of positive things to be impressed with. There have been many things that have made all of us feel all types of tingly about what could be. One of those positive things is the rise of rookie receiver Erik Ezukanma who is crushing his first training camp.

As I’ve said over the last 10 days or so, I am not at the Miami Dolphins training camp. I am 1,300 miles away all the way up in Scranton PA. So I fully understand if you don’t take what I have to say to really mean anything. I’m going by the same stuff you see by all the beat writers that are there and countless amount of fan videos that are out on the web.

That being said, it appears that Erik (Eazy- E) Ezukanma, as I and everyone else on Dolphin’s Twitter want him to be called and hope he’s down for that, is having a tremendous training camp.

Last week we heard that Erik Ezukanma was having a solid start to his first training camp. We saw that he was catching a few passes from Tua which is encouraging. It’s good to see your rookie 4th round pick getting run with QB1. Some guys on the team, who have been here for a year or more, aren’t getting those looks.

Then over the last few days, we’ve seen actual video of Erik Eazy-E Ezukanma letting everyone know that he’s not your typical 4th round pick.

This catch by Ezukanma is during individuals but it’s still nice to see. At 6’2 205 LBS running a 4.53 40 time, it’s fun to see that he has the ability to go past corners and make deep catches.

I think when Erik Ezukanma was drafted we all went and looked up just who he was and what kind of game he had. I imagine most of us looked at him and his highlight film and saw a guy who has good wheels who runs well in space but he may not be a downfield/stretch-the-field kind of guy. That thought may need to be amended.

I think the idea that Erik Ezukanma doesn’t have the deep ball game as part of his arsenal has to be amended because of this play right here.

I love the speed, I love the quick twitch speed at the line of scrimmage, and I love how he takes his angle to the boundary getting even more separation. It’s just fantastic stuff out of the young guy out of Texas Tech.

Now, is it possible that he’s struggled in other areas? Sure it is. Like I said I’m not down there. But I simply haven’t seen any of the beat writers say anything about Ezukanma making mistakes. He’s a rookie so I’m sure he’s done something that has needed correcting but it apparently wasn’t anything worth mentioning.

I also am not ruling out the possibility that we see and hear all this good stuff about Erik Ezukanma and then we barely see him on the field in actual games. That’s happened plenty of times with this team regardless of who the coach is. I’m telling myself that Mike McDaniel is different and that he will put on the field who is playing the best but time will tell on that.

What I’ll also say is that Eazy-E is making life a lot harder for Lynn Bowden Jr. and Preston Williams. This rookie has come in and let it be known that there isn’t going to be much of a learning curve and that he can be a playmaker. Those guys need to up their game and they need to do it real soon.

The first three receivers on the Miami Dolphin’s depth chart are spoken for but the 4th receiver is up for grabs and it appears that Erik Ezukanma is doing everything he can to take it.

Not that Tua is going to say anything too harsh about his receivers, though he is salty Tua now so who knows, but this is good coming from QB1.

Maybe Mike McDaniel has a real sense of the type of players he needs for his offense and that Erik Ezukanma is the kind of player he knows will thrive in his offense. Something tells me the McDaniel regime will do decent on late-round picks. I just feel they love doing the homework involved.

Either way, I’m pumped to watch Erik Ezukanma blossom.

Have a wonderful Thursday and don’t forget that there is actual football on tonight with the Hall of Fame game. Getting closer by the day before we get to watch the Miami Dolphins play football.

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