Jason Sanders may have returned to his Mr. Perfect form

Jason Sanders . Mandatory Credit: Sam Navarro-USA TODAY Sports
Jason Sanders . Mandatory Credit: Sam Navarro-USA TODAY Sports /

Flying under the radar due to all the other shinier and more flashier things that are going on at Dolphin’s training camp is a man that has decided that last year was an aberration. That the player you saw last year doesn’t exist anymore. That the player you’ll see this season is the guy you trusted with your life back in 2020. Of course, I’m talking about Jason Sanders, or Mr. Perfect as I called him once upon a time.

In 2022, Jason Sanders did the honorable thing and embraced the perfect lifestyle like how the late great Mr. Perfect, Curt Hennig, did when back in the 90s. Sanders couldn’t miss and wouldn’t miss. The guy even caught a touchdown pass, which we all playback and watch every few weeks or less, or at least I do.

Then last year something happened. Or, if you do some real deep dives, someone happened. Someone was inserted into Jason Sander’s life that changed him. This person made him not like Mr. Perfect but more like Buff Bagwell. This person was Michael Palardy.

Jason Sanders went from a 92% kicker to a 74% kicker in one season. Numbers like that haven’t been seen since Mike Vanderjacht. Palardy was the new holder and he wasn’t holding the ball the way Sanders needed it and he suffered. The Miami Dolphins suffered and in turn, we all suffered.

But now, the Miami Dolphins have a real professional punter in there who is built like an adonis. That man is Thomas Morstead and he will powerbomb you through the Earth’s crust if you try and tell him that the way the ball is held doesn’t matter to a kicker.

It certainly seems that Jason Sanders is enjoying Thomas Morstead holding the football because the guy has once again embraced that Perfect lifestyle.

Even last year, if a few more field goals go in, then the Dolphins may have actually made the playoffs. I don’t have to tell you how important kickers are in the NFL. Every single week games are decided by three points or less. Having a kicker with the talent that Jason Sanders is beyond clutch.

If Sanders has truly gone back to immersing himself in the Perfect lifestyle it will open up Mike McDaniel’s brain even more. A trustworthy Sanders means that McDaniel can be more aggressive around the 35-40 yard line of the opposition. Or the opposite can happen. Maybe he just takes the guaranteed three points and puts his bloodthirsty defense on the field.

In this world, you’re only as good as your options. Jason Sanders taking on the Mr. Perfect lifestyle and mantra gives the Miami Dolphins more options in winning games. I can’t wait to see him out there and doing it while he spits his gum in the air and swats it a mile.

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