Tua Tagovailoa throws an absolute dime… into unguarded net

Tua Tagovailoa (Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images)
Tua Tagovailoa (Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images) /

Literally, one week ago, every Miami Dolphin fan, the state of Florida, and even the entire planet was rocked by “the throw” that Tua Tagovailoa tossed to Tyreek Hill. Knowing full well that many thought that was a fluke or just a one-off throw, Tua knew he had to deliver another example of his brilliance and arm talent. I’m not saying this was “the Throw” 2.0 or anything like that but I’m also not not saying that either.

Seriously Tua, leave some for the regular season. I love what I’m seeing but you don’t want to waste all these throws in practice.

But honestly, what a friggin throw. The way Tua uncorked that ball roughly 50 air yards or so so delicately into that net was a real thing of beauty.

We’ve seen players have some real choice words and some have even assaulted nets on their sidelines during games. It’s a great thing to see that Tua has a solid rapport with the net. I wouldn’t expect these two to be not on the same page that often. You can see the chemistry they have and it’s the type of chemistry that can withstand pretty much anything.

And let’s give it up to the net and the skills it showed. I know Tyreek Hill is the fastest man in the universe but it was like the net was already down there the whole time or something with how fast it must have gotten downfield.

Don’t sleep on the net’s hands either. You saw that smooth catch just like I did. Those are soft trustworthy hands. Those are two-minute drill types of hands.

Needless to say, Lynn Bowden Jr. and Preston Williams are even more on the hot seat. Those guys better start looking to make some big plays during practice and they better be thinking about how they’re going to eat up the Tampa Bay Buccaneers defense in a week. Otherwise, they’re going to be gone.

Just an incredible training camp thus far. Can’t wait to see more plays like this. Enjoy the rest of your Saturday.

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