Adam Shaheen shipped to Houston as Miami Dolphins move on

Adam Shaheen
Adam Shaheen /

The Miami Dolphins have traded Adam Shaheen to the Houston Texans according to reports, it was a trade that isn’t overly surprising.

Earlier this off-season we predicted several players could get traded before the end of camp and Adam Shaheen was one that we believed could be headed out of South Florida. Tonight, the Dolphins made that happen.

Miami will receive a 6th-round draft pick in 2023 but will surrender a 7th-round draft pick along with Shaheen. The trade may not sound all that great but Shaheen was going to face an uphill climb to make the roster.

Earlier this week the Dolphins released their first depth chart of the season and Shaheen was buried behind Gesicki, Smythe, Long, and Carter.

With Shaheen now gone, Carter stands a good chance to make the roster if Miami goes with four TEs. Carter is a good blocking tight end as is Durham Smythe but I still believe with the addition of a fullback this year that Miami will run with three TEs.

The move also saves Miami just under $2 million in cap space which now puts them at a working number of $22 million.

Miami is likely not done yet. There has been a lot of speculation that Preston Williams could be on the block and the Dolphins could try to move a running back as well. Lynn Bowden, Jr. has also been floated around the internet as a possibility.

There still is a long time between now and the start of the season and many fans are thinking that Miami needs to also consider making a move for another offensive lineman but so far the Dolphins haven’t shown much indication that they are concerned if we are to believe what the local media members are saying.