Why did Miami Dolphins Xavien Howard drop in NFL’s Top 100?

Xavien Howard Miami Dolphins (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)
Xavien Howard Miami Dolphins (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images) /

Many Miami Dolphins fans are going to be upset with NFL’s Top 100 list after the ranking of Xavien Howard drops 39 spots from the previous years ranking of 17. Many people thought he would remain around the same spot from last year, with a possible mild drop because of his drop in INT’s.

That number is not completely an indicator on his success as the best corner on the Miami Dolphins. Xavien Howard was purposefully being thrown away from because of his ballhawking skills and big play ability.

He still leads the league in interceptions over the past 5 years with 27 interceptions over that span. However, it seems that the players who vote on this list do not give him the respect many Miami Dolphins fans think he is owed.

Xavien Howard has been the best corner in press coverage over the past 2 seasons, and the Miami Dolphins have absolutely tested that by leaving him on an island most plays throughout the game due to an aggressive attack by defensive coordinator Josh Boyer.

Who does the league find to be better than Xavien Howard will be extremely interesting. Denzel Ward came in at 87 on the NFL Top 100 list who many fans expected to be much higher too. It seems as if Xavien Howard is getting massively disrespected this season, and as Miami Dolphins fans know an angry Xavien Howard is a dangerous one to the rest of the league.

Xavien Howard will open the year with plenty of tests against the NFL’s best wide receivers, and the test that excites me the most is his week 4 matchup with Ja’Marr Chase. After a stellar rookie year by Chase, it will be interesting to see how Xavien Howard can play.

Howard is due for a huge year, and it will be interesting to see how he takes the disappointment from this years NFL Top 100 list to turn it into a big year for himself and the Miami Dolphins.