Jevon Holland had another monster practice with two INTs

Jevon Holland Mandatory Credit: Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports
Jevon Holland Mandatory Credit: Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports /

Well, it certainly seems that the Miami Dolphin’s defense has responded to their poor performance last Saturday against Tampa Bay. In back-to-back practices, the defense forced a flurry of turnovers. Today, Jevon Holland added two more INTs giving him three over the last two days.

I know it’s only practice, but it’s encouraging to see that the defense picked up their game and remembered that they are the side of the ball that is the more dominant one.

What’s also encouraging is seeing that the next great safety and possibly next great overall player in the NFL, Jevon Holland, is showing that he is that dude.

Game recognizes game and Tyreek Hill giving Jevon Holland a little acknowledgment means he knows he’s the real deal. He may not go on his podcast and sound off how he’s the best in the league or anything like that. But Hill doesn’t have to. He knows Holland is going to let everyone know he’s up there for best safety in the league by showing how he plays the position.

We all absolutely love the way Jevon Holland came in here last year and simply made impact play after impact play last year. It was awesome and it was pretty much unexpected. I think most of us knew Holland could be a nice player and maybe even top half of the league safety. I don’t think many of us had him pegged to be possibly the best safety in the league after only two seasons.

But that’s the trajectory I think Jevon Holland is on. He’s not just a nice player or possibly a pro-bowl player. Making the pro-bowl is the floor for him this year. I think, and I’m not being hyperbolic here at all, that Jevon Holland could be top three at his position by the end of this season. He’s that special and that talented.

What’s great is that Jevon Holland is the one player on the team that all of us agree on. Every other player, we the Miami Dolphin faithful, will argue about exactly how good they are or how much they’re going to produce. I feel with Jevon Holland, we’re all in agreement that he’s a coming storm in this league. It’s nice having common ground about one thing.

By the Way- I think Tua Tagovailoa and many other veterans play this week and I think they should.

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