Miami Dolphins: 3 things I’m specifically looking for in their last game

Miami Dolphins wide receiver Erik Ezukanma Mandatory Credit: Rich Storry-USA TODAY Sports
Miami Dolphins wide receiver Erik Ezukanma Mandatory Credit: Rich Storry-USA TODAY Sports /
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Well, we made it. Training camp is over. Now, I don’t think anyone had the last official day of training camp being canceled due to upset tummys, but let’s face it that was the most Miami Dolphins way possible for training camp to end. Though dress rehearsal week was last week, there are still good reasons why Saturday’s game against Philadelphia is important. Here are three things I’ll be specifically looking for.

I imagine we won’t see many starters on Saturday. Tua had a really good day of practice on Wednesday, so it’s quite possible that Mike McDaniel may feel that based on that solid practice Tua sitting out is the way to go. But I also wouldn’t be shocked if he got two series either. It’s hard to say right now especially since Thursday’s practice was canceled.

I think we all are aware that the heavy hitters on this team, Armstead, Howard, Hill, Waddle, Wilkins, Baker, and a few other middle-tier players will not be playing either. Fine with me. The season is two weeks away and those guys need all the rest that’s possible.

I can’t say the same for Mike Gesicki. I think we’ll see a great deal of him since he is playing a new position according to him. His plight has been very interesting to me. As a receiver, he’s very good. As a true tight end, the position that he was drafted at, he’s not that good. He’s being asked to be a tight end in Mike McDaniel’s scheme. I know we all heard about the potential trade market that Gesicki appears to be on. McDaniel, in his Thursday presser, didn’t say that Mike Gesicki will 100% be on the team come week one. He basically said that all players get asked about.

Needless to say, Mike Gesicki could do himself good to play well. But, in my opinion, I don’t think he’s going anywhere. You don’t want to head into the season with Durham Smythe and Hunter Long as your tight ends.

There’s a bunch of other stuff that is worthwhile to focus on as the Miami Dolphins play their final preseason game. Here’s the list of the top three things I’ll be looking for.