Mourning the loss of Jason Jenkins through an unforgettable experience

Jason Jenkins, Miami Dolphins (Photo by Robby Illanes/F1 Miami GP/NFL via Getty Images)
Jason Jenkins, Miami Dolphins (Photo by Robby Illanes/F1 Miami GP/NFL via Getty Images) /

It was a hot sunny humid day at the Miami Beach Pride Parade. I was there with the Miami Heat organization setting up for our spot in the Parade. We took a coffee break and walked into this café. Jason Jenkins was there getting himself coffee representing the Miami Dolphins at the Pride Parade. I had seen Jenkins a few times as a child.

I was born and raised in Miami, attended Miami-Dade Public Schools my entire childhood. The Miami Dolphins are a pillar in our community and hosted Miami Dolphins Training Camp experiences throughout Miami Dade public schools. This was my first encounter with my love for football. Jason was the Miami Dolphins Senior Vice President of Communications. He and his team spearheaded all the community work the Miami Dolphins have taken a part in for the last 14 years.

At the café, the VP of Community Affairs for the Miami Heat and the Senior VP of Communications for the Miami Dolphins shook hands and discussed their team’s work at the Pride parade and around the community. I stood there in awe of the positive energy that just radiated from these men. Meeting Jason and hearing firsthand from him about his work in our community was an unforgettable experience.

Jason Jenkins was a huge part of the Miami Dolphins community

Miami is known for its luxurious places and touristy beaches. But like any other place in the world, there are parts of Miami that are below poverty levels and need help. Jason was an advocate for that part of the community in Miami. He made it a point that his team would be as involved as they could be in volunteering and charity. For 14 years he dedicated his life to a team and community.

A trailblazer in giving back. A champion in everything he did wholeheartedly. A kind soul that years, after we met, would still remember me and give me advice and insight on how to make it in the sports industry, a mentor.

In 2018, he delivered a commencement speech to his Alma Mater, where he said “It’ll be three things (that mark your journey): the depth of your relationships, the foundation of your values and the courage of your decision-making. So my career, and life, has been awesome.”

It is impossible to put in words what he meant to our community and his team. Head Coach Mike McDaniel fought back tears as he addressed this tragic loss. Stephen Ross released a statement praising Jenkins’ unmatched dedication to our community.

Jenkins served on many boards in South Florida, including the Anti-Defamation League Florida, Breakthrough Miami, Dolphins Challenge Cancer, Pro Sports Assembly, Urban League of Broward County, Women of Tomorrow, and YWCA Miami.

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Jenkins stood for us all. He believed in our community. He will live on with us forever. Prayers and peace go out to his wife and children. Saturday night was about more than football, as was his life. Rest in peace Jason Jenkins. Your values and courage will live on.