3 reasons the Miami Dolphins need to trade Teddy Bridgewater right now

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I am planting my flag on the hill that is Skylar Thompson and I am 100% comfortable with that.

I’m pretty sure we all saw this as being the #1 reason why the Miami Dolphins should trade Teddy Bridgewater. The Skylark Skylar Thompson is lurking in the shadows just waiting to be elevated to the backup quarterback position.

For the record, I have no sources at all for what I’m going to say here. This is all based on what I imagine Mike McDaniel knows and sees at practice, in games, and on tape.

That being said, if I was able to give Mike McDaniel truth serum, something I bet he would consider a fun time, I bet he would say that Skylar Thompson who is a 7th round rookie can’t be worse than Tua Tagovailoa especially if Tua is going to play scared. I’m willing to bet a lot on that.

I am fully aware that Skylar Thompson had perhaps the best preseason of any quarterback ever against backups. I know that is a fact. But I am also fully aware that Thompson wasn’t afraid of making any throw and he let it rip. And guess what? It typically worked out very well and produced big plays.

Thompson wasn’t rattled when guys were coming after him, near his legs, or anything like that. He just handled the situation, navigated the pocket, and threw dart after dart. Mike McDaniel saw that and he’s not a dummy. He knows fully well, that currently, Tua is either not seeing guys open or he doesn’t trust his arm to get the ball there. Either one of those reasons why he left so many guys open down the field on Sunday is very concerning.

This team is too good to be held back only to score 13 points. As I said in my recap of the game from Sunday, which you can and should read here, leaving plays on the field isn’t going to beat the Bills, Chiefs, and Chargers. It just won’t.

This could be the best thing for Tua because if he really feels the heat of Skylar behind him maybe it finally ignites that fire in him. Maybe it forces him to play a bit more carefree and let the ball fly. That’s the Tua I want to see.

I’m not saying that I want Teddy traded, Skylar made the backup and he comes in after one mistake by Tua. I’m saying if Tua continues to look like a backup out there who is missing guys downfield, consistently, then a conversation about a change is in play. That band-aid may need to get ripped off because I really don’t think Skylar will be gun-shy. He’ll make mistakes like most rookies do but he won’t be as bad as Tua was on Sunday. I honestly believe that. I bet in the back of McDaniel’s head, he knows that as well.

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