3 things learned from the Miami Dolphins incredible comeback at Ravens

Tyreek HillMandatory Credit: Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports
Tyreek HillMandatory Credit: Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports /
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I’m not sure about you, but I ripped through a boatload of cigarettes after the Miami Dolphins’ improbable yet thrilling takedown of the Baltimore Ravens. I mean I’m not a smoker so they were more metaphorical darts but you get the point. Yesterday was why being a fan of the Miami Dolphins or just sports, in general, is so awesome. Nothing out there comes anywhere close to the roller coaster that is a game like that.

Yesterday, every one of us came together and rejoiced. The path to salvation was a bumpy one. Many, including myself, had doubts at halftime about Tua Tagovailoa. Hand up, I lashed out at Tua via Twitter. Feel free to click on that and get some A+ responses hurled my way.

Naturally, I was put in my place, something I was glad to have happened because the Miami Dolphins and Tua put on a show for the ages and brought the team to 2-0.

I was upset at halftime. Miami looked like they didn’t get off the bus and Tua looked weak out there. His two INTs in the first half were disgusting. The play that did it was when the ball took seemingly an hour to get to Jaylen Waddle on a dig/comeback and the safety realized he had tons of time to swat it from behind.

That and the NFL Sunday Ticket app was malfunctioning across the globe including my basement so I wasn’t having anything that looked like a bad throw from Tua.

And then something happened. With the Miami Dolphins down 35-14 to start the 4th quarter, Tua Tagovailoa decide the hell with everyone, to hell with guys like me who were writing him off. Tua went out and delivered one of the greatest 4th quarters a quarterback has ever had throwing four TDs and over 200 yards. He ended up going for 469 yards, 6 TDs, and 2 INTs.

The Miami Dolphins are 2-0 and have a date with the Buffalo Bills on Sunday in Miami. The Dolphins are dogs right now even though the Bills still have to play tonight. No matter what happens on Sunday, the Dolphins have a short week and travel to Cincinnati. The Bengals are a team I have zero fear of right now. They look very beatable.

2-2 is what everyone wanted Miami to at least be after the first month of the season. They will at least be that after week four. I say, let’s win them all. Why the hell not?

A ton happened yesterday and all of it was necessary to have that great feeling that we had then and are still riding today as we go to work. Here are the main things I think we learned from the Miami Dolphins victory over the Baltimore Ravens.