Alec Ingold was taking souls and digging holes on Sunday

Alec Ingold(Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images)
Alec Ingold(Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images) /

A guy who majorly flew under the radar on Sunday was Alec Ingold. Now, I think we all can appreciate why Ingold’s efforts were overshadowed. When your constantly maligned quarterback balls out and the two fastest humans on Earth put on a show that rivals Marvel movies, especially the last Thor movie you’re burying of defenders unfortunately get buried.

But make no mistake Alec Ingold, made it a mission to crush as many Baltimore Ravens he could get his hands on.

Do yourself the biggest favor, and check out this video. I promise you will feel good enough to conquest the world after watching it. Here is another link to the video of Alec Ingold embracing his inner Undertaker by taking souls and digging holes.

This is simply incredible video. Alec Ingold planted Raven after Raven and was a major reason the Miami Dolphins were able to have so many electric plays.

My favorite play was when Alec Ingold got his tank-like frame underneath the one linebacker and sent him into another dimension. I feel like you don’t see many decleaters like that from fullbacks mainly because fullbacks are a dying breed.

What really caught my eye was how often Alec Ingold and how far he was downfield blocking. In the play to Jaylen Waddle that went for 58, Ingold was way downfield as he came out of the flat. That’s an awesome effort and it’s what Mike McDaniel wants out of all his players.

We see receivers block down filed all the time, but I don’t recall seeing a player from the backfield too often get down the field. Oh, and Alec Ingold drives that guy to the Earth’s crust with authority.

Ingold added the sneak play on 4th down and had an eight-yard catch to cap off a fantastic day of playing football.

Alec Ingold may not get the recognition he deserves from most people. He will from me. There were much flashier signings the Dolphins made this year. But the signing of Alec Ingold is going to unlock some of those signings and other guys that were already here.

Having a fullback is such a unique tool to have at your disposal. I feel like defenses don’t often practice against a fullback due to so many teams not having one. Well, the Miami Dolphins do and they’re pretty damn serious about making him a part of the offense.

I can’t wait to see him square off against another fullback this week against Buffalo. Reggie Gilliam is a solid player but I’ll take Alec Ingold all day.

By the Way- What I really want to see is Alec Ingold get under Von Miller and send him into space. Or, if Ingold tombstones Ed Oliver, that also be really cool to see.

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