3 ways Mike McDaniel and his big brain have been on full display

Mike McDaniel Miami Dolphins Mandatory Credit: Jim Rassol-USA TODAY Sports
Mike McDaniel Miami Dolphins Mandatory Credit: Jim Rassol-USA TODAY Sports /
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Mike McDaniel
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I’m all for calling this testicular fortitude. Either way, Mike McDaniel knows exactly what he’s doing in big moments.

So far, the Miami Dolphins are 3/3 on 4th down conversions. That’s a great way to start the year. But it’s the calculating nature of those decisions that I appreciate the most. We saw Alec Ingold take the snap on 4th and short on Sunday that kept the first-half drive alive. McDaniel could feel it in the air that the Ravens had the number of the defense and punting would not be the best choice even early on.

And we all remember the 4th down decision against the Patriots that led to Waddle scoring before the half. There were around 25 seconds left and the Dolphins had the ball on the New England 43. The Dolphin’s defense was punishing the Patriot’s offense all game. McDaniel took a calculated risk going for it on 4th and 7. He knew if they didn’t get it that the odds were in his favor that his defense would stop Mac Jones. It ended up being a decision that broke the back of the Patriots.

That’s all I want out of a coach when it comes to big spots in a game. Take risks but make them risks where the odds are in your favor. I can live with that.

Tyreek Hill said that Mike McDaniel needs to get a wheelbarrow to carry some of his body around due to making big-boy decisions in games. I couldn’t agree more and it’s a shame there isn’t a t-shirt out there depicting that.

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