5 Jets players the Miami Dolphins need to account for on Sunday

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Zach Wilson is not someone I would immediately think of as a threat to the Miami Dolphins.

I was a little surprised to see Wilson on his list of five players. Wilson is not a consistent quarterback, doesn’t pose a legitimate threat to run out of the pocket consistently, tends to hold the ball too long, and can get rattled by pressure.

Of the five listed, Wilson would not have been on my list of players that came to mind. Still, Paul is a dive-in-deep die-hard Jets fan so he has his reasons.

Wilson is still developing, much like Tua in many ways. We gave Tua time and in New York, they are doing the same with Wilson who is entering his 2nd season in the NFL. There is a lot of potential for growth if the Jets can hang on to their current staff and avoid turnover. But Wilson still has a ways to go, something we said about Tua last year although I would say, that Tua was a little bit further along this time last year.

Wilson isn’t quite ready yet for a big leap but I would guess that by the end of the year, he will be better than he is right now.

For the Dolphins, getting into Wilson’s backfield and disrupting his game will slow the Jets’ offense and keep Wilson off his game. Wilson could be a key if the Dolphins can force him to make errors throughout. For his part, Wilson will try and take advantage of Miami’s depleted secondary.