Miami Dolphins: The biggest disappointments so far in 2022

Chase Edmonds Mandatory Credit: Rich Storry-USA TODAY Sports
Chase Edmonds Mandatory Credit: Rich Storry-USA TODAY Sports /
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Who or what is to blame for the recent struggles of the Miami Dolphins? Here are the season’s biggest disappointments thus far.

Expectations were high for the Miami Dolphins coming in to the 2022 NFL season, and through the first three weeks, they were living up to each one of them. But things have taken a turn for the worst over the last two weeks, as they have lost not only their last two contests, but their health and swagger as well.

The injury problems with Miami’s quarterback position made national news in the past couple of weeks, and things got even worse in the game against the Jets when they were forced to play with their third-string, undrafted free agent rookie under center. Their All-Pro cornerback is dealing with injuries to both groins, and the most important player on the offensive line has a lingering toe issue that could cause him to miss time.

It isn’t just injuries. Guys on both sides of the ball have had their struggles, and the special teams unit is one of the worst in the entire league. The bright spots were easy to see during Miami’s 3-0 start, and the same can be said for the deficiencies during the Dolphins’ current troubles. Certain players have been exposed by injuries to others, and the lack of depth that many worried about is starting to show its ugly face as the season wears on.

Which players have failed to live up to the expectations? Here are the six most disappointing members of the Miami Dolphins thus far this season: