Skylar Thompson will start on Sunday and Bridgewater will back him up

Dolphins quarterback Skylar Thompson (19) tries to make a pass in the fourth quarter. Sunday, October 9, 2022Jets Vs Dolphins
Dolphins quarterback Skylar Thompson (19) tries to make a pass in the fourth quarter. Sunday, October 9, 2022Jets Vs Dolphins /

If you thought Mike McDaniel was going to Fossil Man Greg Raymer on everyone and his quarterback hand close to the vest, you were wrong. Skylar Thompson will be the starter on Sunday when the Miami Dolphins host the Minnesota Vikings and Teddy Bridgewater will be his backup.

I guess there is still time for Teddy to get out of the concussion protocol while he nurses the non-existing concussion he has on Thursday leaving room for him to jump Skylar Thompson on the depth chart but it looks like Mike McDaniel feels confident in the guy who gets the practice reps during the week being QB1. Teddy will most likely be active on Sunday if and when he gets out of the concussion protocol. Let’s all hope and pray that Teddy bounces back from the complete lack of a concussion he suffered on Sunday.

For guys like me, this is what we wanted in the event Tua Tagovailoa went down. We wanted Skylar Thompson as the next guy in line because I feel that Skylar with a full week of practice of getting all the reps with the first unit wouldn’t be worse than Teddy Bridgewater and will give more upside. We’ll certainly find out where he stands a little bit.

I’m not really going to hold last Sunday’s performance against Skylar Thompson. Not saying there was no chance that he could have been the quarterback for a winning team last week but the deck was majorly stacked against him.

As a guy who was there let me tell you something you already, should know. The offensive line was horrid. Skylar Thompson had only a few nano-seconds to get anything done back there when he dropped back. It was 2021 all over again.

Hopefully, the Miami Dolphins and Mike McDaniel cracked a code or two in unlocking the running game. Let’s just hope that he leans on it a bit more especially if it’s working. Hopefully, Terron Armstead will be able to go. Who knows with that?

The good news is that even though he won’t be playing on Sunday, Tua Tagovailoa has begun football activities today and possibly could clear the make-shift ever-evolving concussion protocol later this week. You would think the Sunday night game against the Pittsburgh Steelers in two Sundays, another game I’ll be at, is when he will return.

But this is about Skylar Thompson showing everyone that the preseason wasn’t a fluke. I believe he can play and I believe he can lead this team to a victory against a Vikings team that isn’t a world-beater even at 4-1. This Viking team is dying to lose more games but credit to them they simply aren’t.

The Vikings rank 22nd in the league in pass defense and 20th in run defense. Not exactly anything that puts any fear into me.

Skylar Thompson can navigate that and he could very good things with Tyreek Hill and Jaylen Waddle at his side, which he’ll have both on Sunday.

Like Dick Vermeil said about Kurt Warner, “we will rally behind Skylar Thompson and we will play good football.” That’s what the Miami Dolphins are tasked to do. We just have to see it.

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