No reality exists where Liam Eichenberg should still be starting

Liam Eichenberg(Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)
Liam Eichenberg(Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images) /

I understand the gravity of the headline. I realize that in this vast multi-verse that there has to be a reality that has Liam Eichenberg starting where he’s playing well. Now, I don’t have the time stone to look forward in time, but I’m almost certain that there is no reality in any plane of existence where Liam Eichenberg is playing well enough to start.

Seems harsh I know. But with Tua Tagovailoa coming back from injury, with the team losing their last three games, and the fact that the offense is too loaded with elite skill players to be bogged down due to a terrible left guard. These harsh words are necessary.

What stinks is that I really don’t think the Miami Dolphins will replace Liam Eichenberg. Chris Grier traded a 3rd round pick to move up to get Eichenberg back in 2020. So, I think Grier will still be asking Mike McDaniel to keep him out there. I say that because I can’t think of another reason that makes any kind of sense to keep him in there.

As I’ve said in the past, PFF rankings are created with wizardry with a heaping side of anti-nuance nonsense. But, even if they’re off a little bit, Liam Eichenberg is still at the bottom of the league of all the guards that have played even a little bit.

Is there an option out there that could be better? Sure. Putting Michael Dieter at center and moving Connor Williams to guard would make the offensive line better. Will it be a carbon copy of the Cowboy’s 90s offensive line? No. But it can’t possibly be worse than it is now.

We saw this past week that Skylar and Teddy got completely pummeled and run for their lives. Liam wasn’t the only culprit but he is the biggest offender of all the regular starters. Yes, I’m not counting Greg Little because he is a backup, a backup that I wish would never see the field again for the Miami Dolphins.

Liam Eichenberg is probably a good guy and all that. But this isn’t the good guy business. As a fan, I want the best possible players out there as often as possible. Liam Eichenberg doesn’t fit that ideology. This offense can do great things but if the QB is having to run for his life meaning he won’t be able to see downfield too often, then what’s the point of having Tyreek Hill and Jaylen Waddle?

Make the switch to Dieter and move Williams and call it a day.

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