3 sneaky keys to victory for the Miami Dolphins vs. the Detroit Lions

Miami Dolphins Jaelan Phillips Mandatory Credit: Rich Storry-USA TODAY Sports
Miami Dolphins Jaelan Phillips Mandatory Credit: Rich Storry-USA TODAY Sports /
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Doesn’t it suck that the Miami Dolphins are favored again against an inferior team? I don’t like it. I don’t like it because I agree that the Miami Dolphins should have no problem against the Detroit Lions. And what I really don’t like is typically when I think the Miami Dolphins should roll a team they usually go out and lay a massive egg.

But, we’re going to go with the Dolphins winning on Sunday. I see no reason other than fate messing with me why the Dolphins lose to Dan Campbell led 1-5 Lions. Fate in it’s infinite wisdom could easily make the Lions hit on all cylinders and have the Dolphins look like a team that never got off the bus. That could happen.

I’m not going with that. I’m going with the idea that the Dolphins click even better than they did on Sunday when, I who was in attendance, thought after the first 13 minutes that the Dolphins were going to boat-race the Steelers. I thought Miami were going to drop 40 on Pittsburgh but they only scored three more points after going up 13-0 in what seemed like seconds.

The offense kept going three and out and Mike McDaniel still had some moments where he looked like a first time head coach who was trying really hard to be the smartest guy in the room. I think McDaniel could embrace Occam’s Razor a bit more and just go with the most obvious decision that yields the most obvious positive outcome.

The Lions are a bad team but they’re a team that can score points in a hurry. When you can do that, you can win any game.

The Miami Dolphins have been playing elite team defense all season. Last week, they included turnovers to their repertoire, which was necessary for them. I think their defense continues to roll mainly because this defense regardless of who is on the field takes bad quarterbacks to the woodshed. Jared Goff fits the mold of a quarterback that Miami sacks a bunch and picks off a few times.

The offense, well I expect them to be more in rhythm this week. Feel free to say Tua wasn’t in sync with his receivers last week. I just think he missed some throws and bigger opportunities due to simply throwing average balls. My expectation is that he hits on a few more of those this week.

I said last week that the season started for the Miami Dolphins last week against the Steelers. They won and the season continues this week against the Lions. Here are some sneaky keys to victory for the Dolphins to keep winning and keep improving.