4 things we learned from the Miami Dolphins intense win over the Lions

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Mike McDaniel 100% trusts Tua Tagovailoa with the responsibility of the entire offense.

Do you want to know the biggest difference between Mike McDaniel and Brian Flores? Mike McDaniel trusts Tua and Flores didn’t. Seems like if Flores didn’t have a trio of offensive coordinators drawing up plays in crayons, maybe he’s still be here. I’m glad he went with his guy and put out those doofuses to call plays.

McDaniel, without a shadow of a doubt, trusts Tua to control the offense. It’s awesome to see. McDaniel saw right the beginning of the game that this wasn’t going to be a game where Miami were going to be able to run the ball to sustain drives. He knew he had to unleash Tua which means unleashing Tyreek Hill and Jaylen Waddle.

And unleash Tua he did. He kept dialing up pass after pass and all Tua did was deliver over and over again and he did it on 3rd down a good amount of time. How good is Tua on 3rd down? Well, I’m going to tell you.

Tua isn’t a gunslinger. He’s a cerebral assassin ala the game Triple H. What I’m saying is Tua might have a sledgehammer out on the field. I’m also saying that he is taking his time picking apart defenses. And just when you think he’s going for another 11-yard play, Tua goes deeper and nails Hill or Waddle for 34. It may not get there in a pretty fashion but it gets there enough where his ultra-great receivers can take care of the rest.

The ultimate trust came on the TD to Waddle on 3rd and 6. McDaniel drew a perfect little semi-wheel route to Waddle and Tua, who looked like overthrew him, laid it in feathery, elegantly, and perfectly for the score.

Tua is more than Jimmy G. Jimmy G can’t make all the timing throws as Tua does. Just wanted to get that out there.

I like to think that McDaniel still has more in store for Tua and this offense. Maybe get a running back before the deadline and make this offense discover a new gear.

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