Tua Tagovailoa his skill guys should train in Buffalo during bye week

It’s the bye week and Tua Tagovailoa has the Miami Dolphins climbing the rankings and standings in the NFL. They’re 7-3 and it seems like they can do no wrong. After the bye week, they host the Houston Texans where they are already 9.5 points favorites. Every game matters, don’t let anyone fool you. But I would absolutely love to see Tua and all the skill guys take a trip to Buffalo over the bye and practice in the elements.

How cool would it be to see a video of Tua, Tyreek Hill, Jaylen Waddle, Mike Gesicki, Trent Sherfield, Jeff Wilson Jr., and Raheem Mostert out on a practice field as it snows? The answer is that it would be the coolest thing of all time.

Now, if they decide to hang back with their families, something that doesn’t happen all the time during the season, that’s fine as well. But, the Miami Dolphins and Tua have been checking off many of the boxes that so many out there said they can never check off.

One of the only things left on that list is to perform this offense like we see it every week out in cold weather. Not only is Buffalo the Miami Dolphins’ arch nemesis, at the moment, but Buffalo is about to get completely smacked by a major snowstorm.

That’s right, over two feet of snow for Buffalo will be galling over the weekend. I realize that a near three-foot snowstorm to Buffalo is just another day when the calendar strikes November, but most folks have no idea how to function in two inches of snow let alone 31 inches.

I think Tua and the gang getting acclimated to those types of conditions, conditions which are possible when Tua and the Dolphins travel to Buffalo on December 18th which might be the game that decides the AFC East isn’t the worst idea pending travel is possible.

It worked for Rocky when he went to Russia to face Drago and it can definitely work for Tua and his guys. Going to Buffalo, preferably renting a cabin that has all the amenities of a cabin from 1985 or a modern one if that’s too extreme for you lightweights, and throwing the ball around in the adverse conditions is what can put the Tua and the Dolphins over the edge.

We all saw how Tua looked last year against the Titans albeit that was in an offense being by a trio of guys I wouldn’t trust vacuuming my car. Tua certainly wasn’t good in the cold and he pretty much said they never took the weather into account.

I don’t know if there will be 31 inches of snow being dropped on December 18th in Buffalo but I know the conditions won’t be like they were when Miami beat the Bills earlier this year, something the Bills are thrilled about.

Heading to Buffalo this bye week and getting some work in the rough weather would unite this team even more than it already is. It also will give Tua and the squad more of an understanding of what awaits them.

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