2023 NFL Mock Draft: A look at the entire first round

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One of my favorite things to do in sports is an NFL mock draft and try to figure out where teams might go with the next draft class, and how they will build their future.

This year specifically is one of the most loaded draft classes I have ever seen, from a prospect side of things, and I think many teams that felt reluctant to trade picks were on the right side of things because of the amount of talent we have this year.

There is a lot of high-end talent, a lot of depth at most of the skill positions, and a wide array of sizes amongst those with immense talent. Teams will have their choice of prospects and I don’t think through the first round there are many, if any, bad choices.

We will see a QB-heavy draft this year, and in particular, early on I think there is likely to be a large QB influx. Most likely 3 out of the first 6 picks will be a QB selection.

While many teams like the Miami Dolphins have opted to go after things from a player-over-picks perspective, where they value star talent right now, rather than wait on picks to develop and become stars.

I think most teams that stockpiled picks for this year’s draft will reap the benefits of a loaded draft class, but the teams that still have a lot of mid-round picks will be more than happy to catch the slips of the first round.

So without further ado, here is my 2023 full first-round NFL Mock Draft.

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