5 Miami Dolphins who need to be re-signed after 2022

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The Miami Dolphins have been quite a surprise to some people this year, and some fans expected this. However, the Miami Dolphins, and the front office, in particular, took a big chance on a lot of players and allowed them to bet on themselves.

A lot of veteran guys were brought in on expiring contracts, or just flat-out one-year deals. These players are playing very well and are making it hard on the Miami Dolphins front office who now are faced with extremely difficult decisions.

I think there are a lot of players I left off this list that has a real chance to be resigned and could make a big case to be brought back. Lots of veterans on this list, and guys that are big impact players in positions of big need.

There are a few guys on this list that may seem like they shouldn’t be brought back because of a lack of need in their position, but I feel there are some dudes who bring something greater than just their stats.

There are 2 guys on this list that are in a deep room of skilled players, but I believe their scheme fit and price tag give them a fantastic reason to stay and be resigned.

There are also 3 honorable mentions I will also give for guys that should be resigned, but also guys that I do not believe are as high of a priority.

So here we go, 5 Miami Dolphins who need to be brought back in 2023.

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