3 sneaky keys for the Miami Dolphins to defy the odds and beat Buffalo

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Mike McDaniel needs to call a game that gets the Miami Dolphins into 3rd downs that are realistic.

In the last three games, the Miami Dolphins rank last in the league in 3rd down conversion with a whopping 21%.

We saw on Sunday night against the Chargers, pretty much, why. Tua is going deep, essentially, every single play. Every play is Tua doing a play-action that nobody is falling for and then ripping it 20 yards down the field. Here are some numbers that may illuminate the issue for you.

What all that is telling you is that Tua leads the league in the average length of attempt at 12 yards. Every pass going 12 yards down the field is wild.

1st and 2nd down need to be better at getting some yards so you can put the offense in 3rd and 5 or so. Then you can really use Tyreek Hill, Jaylen Waddle, Alec Ingold, and everyone else. Everyone becomes a legit target then.

Well, how do we get those 3rd and managables? I wrote the other day, which you can and should absolutely read here, about what the offense can potentially do to help themselves out. It wasn’t anything revolutionary but essentially, the Dolphins can draw up and coach Tua to take shorter/checkdown style throws a bit more often ala last year Tua, run the ball, and free Mike Gesicki.

Adding those elements to the offense will only make Hill and Waddle more open in the intermediate area of the field.

I know we can feel it now. Miami has a 3rd and long and the Buffalo faithful are losing their minds in excitement. Tua drops back, steps up, and gets sacked and they freak out and all the momentum is with them. We have to avoid that all costs.