The Miami Dolphins should slam the door on hiring Vic Fangio

It pains me to write this considering Vic Fangio is a fellow northeast PA man. I know that after this gets published I will have virtually zero chance of sharing a bucket of suds at The Roosevelt Beer Garden. Still, given how he is reportedly jerking the Miami Dolphins around, the Miami Dolphins need to look elsewhere to fill their defensive coordinator position.

Monday I wrote how great it felt to see over the weekend that Vic Fangio, who is the defacto best defensive coordinator out there on the market, agreed to become the Miami Dolphins’ next defensive coordinator. Adding Fangio felt like the best move for a young head coach in Mike McDaniel. McDaniel is young and having a wiser gentleman, who has those 570 values that we know are iron-clad, on the staff to help give McDaniel different perspectives in tough situations felt like a perfect situation.

Plus, he’s really good at creating excellent defenses and given the fact the Miami Dolphins have several up-and-coming and already established young players, it just seemed like a lamb and tuna fish type of union.

But then Monday morning came and Vic Fangio still didn’t, officially, sign with the Miami Dolphins. Some have looked to the fact that Fangio is a consultant to the Philadelphia Eagles who still have a game to play meaning Fangio can’t, officially, sign. To that, I say I feel like we’ve known of coaches on staffs, in the past, that publicly accepted positions with other teams while they coached in the Super Bowl before.

Then slowly but surely, the reports started coming out that Fangio wanted to explore what the 49ers had to say since Demeco Ryans took the Texan’s job. I don’t understand that because everyone knew Ryans was going to be leaving the 49ers so what is there really to discuss besides money?

Then Sean Payton became the coach of the Broncos and the talk is now that Fangio may go back to the Broncos, the team he was the head coach of, in a real Remember the Titans type of scenario.

Not sure if you want to take the word of this guy who does radio for a Colorado radio station, but he’s not the only one saying this.

The point of all this is that the Miami Dolphins should slam the door in the face of Vic Fangio like Van Wilder did to Tara Reid(deep cut for all of us Van Wilder, and Ryan Reynolds fans out there) for this mess that’s been made. It’s embarrassing for the Miami Dolphins to look like a fool here being held up by a defensive coordinator. I realize the Miami Dolphins wear the cloak of embarrassment exceptionally well but this is an opportunity to say “enough is enough, if you don’t want us, we don’t you.” Can’t have a guy who says yes to you who goes on to start talking to another team(insert relationship analogy here).

The Miami Dolphins should move on and go right after Sean Desai. I’m not going to act like I know that much about Sean Desai but from what I read, he views the game of football with the same kind of innovativeness that McDaniel does.

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