About damn time: The Byron Jones saga is going to be over soon

Byron Jones Miami Dolphins Mandatory Credit: Sam Navarro-USA TODAY Sports
Byron Jones Miami Dolphins Mandatory Credit: Sam Navarro-USA TODAY Sports /

I feel like Andy Dufresne after he crawled through 500 yards of crap-smelling foulness I can’t imagine. Finally, after a year and a few months of wondering what would happen with Byron Jones and the Miami Dolphins, we now have an answer.

I’m pretty sure we all saw this coming, but it’s good to see that Byron Jones will no longer be a part of the Miami Dolphins future in a week. Now, everyone can move on and start a new.

It’s nice that the $13.6M will allow the Miami Dolphins to sign a few guys down the road but it’s not fun that it won’t help the Dolphins lower their cap situation, which currently sits at $16M over the cap.

Obviously, this still means the Miami Dolphins aren’t done lowering their cap number. They will be making a number of cuts and restructuring contracts between now and March 15th at 4 PM, which is when the NFL free agency officially begins.

It sucks that Byron Jones didn’t work out. He was a solid player for the Dolphins. He maybe didn’t live up to the money he did get paid but he was a solid #2 opposite of Xavien Howard.

The really sucky part is that the Dolphins have dealt with a weird injury situation two years in a row. First, it was Will Fuller ghosting the Dolphins then Byron Jones got surgery at a weird time in the year and was never put on the IR. All in all, it’s better everyone parts ways.

Filling his shoes with someone in free agency is something I think the Dolphins do. I can see them, possibly, going with Kader Kohou as the starting #2 corner but I really think they bring in at least one corner and even draft one at some point this upcoming draft.

By the Way- I just get the feeling the Dolphins are going to do something that makes everyone say “holy schnikes, I can’t believe they went out and got that person.” Just a feeling.

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