The Miami Dolphins have interesting options for their #3 receiver

River Cracraft Mandatory Credit: Sam Navarro-USA TODAY Sports
River Cracraft Mandatory Credit: Sam Navarro-USA TODAY Sports /

I know I know, it’s May 21st so why in the world am I talking about the #3 wide receiver position for the Miami Dolphins? I don’t really have a good answer besides I feel like it and that I find it to be really interesting.

Yesterday, we lost Trent Sherfield to the dastardly Buffalo Bills. I really enjoyed that stretch of games near the middle of the season where Sherfield played really good ball. He was a solid blocker as well that help spring a few runs.

But let’s be honest, we’re not exactly losing Randy Moss. Sherfield had 30 catches for 470 yards. I feel like the last we saw of Sherfield was the first play of the San Francisco game where he took the slant for 75 yards. That was his only catch that game and I feel like you can tell me that was his last catch all season. You can insert pretty much any professional wide receiver in that role with Tyreek Hill and Jaylen Waddle also on the field and you’ll get the numbers he did. So forgive me if I’m not exactly shedding any tears losing Trent Sherfield.

It would have been nice if he and the Miami Dolphins worked it out because it seems he was a really good locker room guy who had zero issues doing some dirty work. Every team needs guys like that but there are tons of those kinds of guys out there.

This leads me to the fascinating part for me; who will be the #3 wide receiver for the Dolphins next season?

Well, the Miami Dolphins have options. It’s also possible they can draft a receiver high in the draft that could come in and be that guy. I will be my soul that Grier and McDaniel won’t do that but I suppose there is a reality where that happens. I just know it won’t be this one.

The candidates are Cedrick Wilson, River Cracraft, Braxton Berrios, and Erik Ezukanma. After looking at that sentence, you can make the case that the receiver room that will be dressing for every game is exactly those five guys. I think that’s kind of wild to be able to say in March.

But one of them will be the #3 man and that’s what interests me. It interests me so much because Hill and Waddle draw so much attention that whoever is the other guy who isn’t them has the chance to really explode. I realize that the most likely outcome is that whoever it is will probably be just another Trent Sherfield but my point is that if any of these guys are better than Sherfield that it will make this offense even better and even more difficult to gameplan for.

You can make a case for any one of them being the guy who gets the first crack to be the starting #3 receiver. You can also make the case why any one of them shouldn’t. Each guy brings a somewhat unique aspect to that position who also has glaringly obvious flaws.

Berrios has the shiftiness, Cracraft has the knowledge of the offense coming from San Francisco, Wilson has the big play ability and has a better career than the others outside of last year, and Ezukanma has a little mystery surrounding him that’s wrapped in preseason hope.

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My early prediction is that Cedrick Wilson will get the first looks at the #3 receiver position. He started making some plays late in the season last year and his contract sort of, mentally, makes it easier for coaches to see what he has first whether that’s fair or not. Obviously, if he is tabbed to be the #3 guy and he flounders early, the other guys will have the chance to take that position from him like Sherfield did last year.

A ton will be between then and the beginning of the season. There also will probably be sets where a few guys are the #3 guy so all of this will probably be moot. I just like the depth of the receiver position and whoever can emerge as the best out of this bunch could really elevate the offense thus making the team better, which I’m all about.

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