Mike McDaniel couldn’t get free coffee while coaching for the Commanders

Mike McDaniel Miami Dolphins Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
Mike McDaniel Miami Dolphins Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports /

The Miami Dolphins have an incredible personality coaching their franchise and Mike McDaniel is becoming an NFL treasure.

At the owner’s meetings, McDaniel was being interviewed on Monday, when he was asked about his three seasons with the Commanders and whether he ever saw Daniel Snyder selling the franchise.

McDaniel said that he always saw Snyder as a guy that “lived his whole life to be the owner of that particular team”. O.k., great answer but at some point, it was revealed to McDaniel how much the franchise could potentially sell for and while we don’t hear that number, we do get McDaniel’s facial reaction and another comment for the ages.

You have to laugh, out loud even. There is no huge revelation here because we have known for a while the Commanders are pretty stingy with what they give their coaches and players. Last month the NFLPA released a “Team Report Card” for all 32 NFL franchises. The Dolphins finished in 2nd overall as the best franchise in the league while the Commanders were nearly dead last.

In the 8 categories that were reported on by the players, the Commanders received an A+ for their strength coaches and a C+ for their weight room. But the treatment of families got an F. The locker room, training facility, and team travel categories scored an F-, and food services got a D+. Training staff got a D.

The quip by McDaniel is another priceless gem from Miami’s quirky head coach and gives more weight to why the Snyders need to sell although we all know they really don’t need another reason. That franchise ownership is the worst in the league also has brought on federal inquiries into their dealings.

McDaniel is the lucky one in all of this. Like him or not, Stephen Ross takes care of his players and coaches and doesn’t hold back on what he spends to keep the Dolphins at the top of the NFL in those regards.