3 running backs I’d love to see the Miami Dolphins end up drafting

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Like the Wyatt Family used to say; we’re here. We’re at NFL draft pontificating time. I’m not a mock draft guy so if you’re looking for me to give you a round-for-round list of who I think the Miami Dolphins are going to be drafting(and I bet you weren’t), you have the wrong guy.

There will however be tons of articles on this website and probably every other website in the world including ones that have nothing to do about sports because who doesn’t love to comb over who some other person thinks the Dolphins are going to do(I don’t) in the draft?

I used to get more annoyed at mock drafts because it’s like sharing with me your NCAA bracket. Why would I care what you have because 98% of it is going to be wrong? But then I said to myself “Sern don’t be such a killjoy and just have fun with things.” Now I’m doing much better.

Instead, I like to break down position groups and cast out the players I would be smitten over if the Miami Dolphins decided to go that route in the draft. And when it comes to the 2023 running back class, there are a lot of players that bring me joy that I would like to see wear white, orange, and teal/aqua/not sure we have a firm handle on exactly what color it is.

I share the belief of many that I’d rather not draft a running back early in the draft. The reasons for that are the ones that have been litigated for years now. The main reason is that you can find very good running backs later in the draft while you improve other positions that are a bit harder to find later in drafts.

I still stand by this belief. But I also subscribe to the notion that any plan that can’t be changed is a bad plan. If the Miami Dolphins and their scouting department have a running back that they just must have on day 2 with either the 51st or 84th pick, then I say go right ahead.

My rationale for this is that this Miami Dolphins team is looking to win right now. This year is a year where they are going for the Lombardi trophy. So, if there is a running back on the board that Mike McDaniel believes he can turn into a guy who produces this year, that will make an impact this year, I say go for it.

Now, the Dolphins also have a 6th and 7th-round pick on day 3 of the draft. The odds say that they will wait until then to select a running back if they even go in that direction. Or, maybe they trade into the 4th or 5th round to select one. Who knows at this point?

My metrics for any of the guys I’d like the Dolphins to pick are probably not that far off from yours. I use the highlight packages that I find on Twitter and Youtube coupled with the memories I have of when I watched them this past year. Also, gut feeling goes into some of it as well. Is it the process of a head scout? No. But I’m not a guy who is going to grind tape for hours. There are plenty of other guys who are up to doing that. Just remember, the guys who are employed by professional football teams to sit in the film room and go back to the coaches with the guys they like are typically as wrong as folks like us. At least, that’s what I tell myself but I don’t think I’m that wrong here.