2024 NFL Draft: 3 offensive linemen who would instantly contribute to the Dolphins

The Miami Dolphins will draft offensive linemen in the NFL Draft and these three guys would be great fits for them.
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If you're already over all the draft coverage from this site and the rest of the sports world, sorry. This is another NFL Draft-themed article. I know you know that but I feel it is important for me to explain that there isn't much else football-wise to talk about right now. In lieu of that, these three offensive linemen would be instant contributors to the Miami Dolphins.

It's not a secret that last year the Miami Dolphins offensive line room overachieved. There wasn't much hope around the internet streets that the Dolphins were going to be able to protect Tua or be able to consistently run the ball let alone with a guy named Butch Barry whose previous team rejoiced when he was fired.

But Butch worked some serious wizardry and made the Miami Dolphin's offensive line into a reliable unit.

Sure, the end of the year wasn't when the line was playing its best. I can't say they were. I will say that losing your terrific center in week 14 and having your starting right tackle gutting through more than the normal bumps and bruises that all NFL players have at the end of the year doesn't help.

Heading into free agency, the offensive line was the #1 unit on the team that needed retooling. Connor Williams was gone and there is no idea if that guy will ever play again. Robert Hunt wasn't resigned and went to Carolina for a Fort Knox-level payday. Terron Armstead was on the fence whether he would play or retire. That left only Austin Jackson, a guy who turned around his career last year and got paid, as the only for sure starting lineman.

But as time went forward things got a bit better. Armstead decided not to hang'em up and the Miami Dolphins signed Aaron Brewer to be their starting center. Isaiah Wynn was brought back on a cheap deal to be the starting left guard. Kendall Lamm was brought back and utility lineman, Jack Driscoll was signed.

Currently, only the right guard position is in doubt. I don't think it will be Robert Jones or anyone else that is currently on the squad.

Honestly, the current state of the offensive line in Miami is one of the better ones in recent memory. Yes, there are question marks about some players' health(Armstead) but there is decentish depth. That's something that hasn't been a thing in Miami in a long time.

Still, the Miami Dolphins need help in the area of the offensive line for this year and beyond. These three players can provide instant support.