3 areas the Miami Dolphins improved this offseason and 2 they did not

There were some hits, but some misses for the Dolphins in recent months
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When the Miami Dolphins offseason began, fans knew there would be a lot of turnover; they were a bit surprised by how much.

With the draft now behind the Miami Dolphins and free agency long gone, it is easier to look at how the Dolphins roster changed in 2024. We can see areas where the team improved without question and we can also see some where they did not.

Clearly, the biggest question is the turnover at defensive tackle. The loss of Christian Wilkins has been a hard-hitting reality for most fans, but for the Dolphins, it was more of an inevitability they knew was likely to come to fruition.

Miami's attempted replacement of Wilkins wasn't a high-profile free agent or a top blue-chip draft prospect. It was eight low-grade free agents with high ceilings and rotational value. Anthony Weaver's previous stop with the Ravens used more of a platoon along the line and the Dolphins appear as though they will copy that formula.

Did the Dolphins improve or get worse at the defensive tackle position? That's a tough question to answer right now because Wilkins has not been easily replaced. That being said, the Dolphins saved quite a bit of money by not overpaying Wilkins to stay, and the committee of rotating players could prove valuable in this scheme.

This unit isn't worse that Wilkins is gone, but they are not better either. Here are three areas the Dolphins did improve and two areas they did not:

5. The Dolphins no question improved at WR

The Dolphins entered free agency needing wide receiver help. At the start of free agency, only a couple of practice squad players were in the WRs room with Tyreek Hill, Jaylen Waddle and Erik Ezukanma. Now, the room has filled up nicely.

Braxton Berrios and River Cracraft will compete to make the roster this year, and the Dolphins added two respectable draft picks on Day 3, who will both make a case for the roster. Let's be honest, though. They don't make the Dolphins WRs room better. Odell Beckham Jr. does.

Some may not like the OBJ addition and there is reason not to. He isn't the player he once was, but if we compare him to the two guys he will replace in 2024, the move makes Miami better. Last year the Dolphins relied on Cedrick Wilson and Robbie Chosen to handle the job when Hill and Waddle were down. The results were not great. OBJ is better than both of those receivers and thus it makes the Dolphins WRs room better heading into 2024.

Mailk Washington and Tahj Washington will compete for roster spots as rookies, and if they can make the team, Miami will have a nice mix of young and old on the team, but Miami wasn't all that bad with Hill and Waddle at the top.