3 free agent receivers that the Miami Dolphins could realistically sign to be their #3

The Miami Dolphins need a #3 wide receiver in the worst way and there are free agents still out there who can fill that void.

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The intense wave that is free agency is still upon us although it feels like it's over. Even though the Miami Dolphins made a slew of solid signings after that bloodiest of Mondays, they still need a legit #3 wide receiver and the guys on this list can be that.

Currently, the Miami Dolphins have the best wide receiver duo in the league. I don't care about what some other teams have put together. There are some good tandems out there. But when you have Tyreek Hill and Jaylen Waddle on the same team, you're simply not going to get a better pair of receivers that strike as much fear into a defense as Hill and Waddle.

But after Tyreek Hill and Jaylen Waddle, there isn't very much that other teams have to worry about. Currently, the other receivers that are on the squad are recently resigned Braxton Berrios, Erik Ezukanms who is coming off a season-ending neck injury, and Braylon Sanders who is most known for dropping a key pass at Buffalo last year. As Sgt. Murtaugh would say, that's pretty thin.

Fortunately, there are still some very good players left in free agency and I imagine several of them would love to come play football in Miami. Who wouldn't?

Let's not act like the NFL Draft isn't loaded with very capable wide receivers. This is being labeled one of the deepest receiver drafts in years. Regardless if the Miami Dolphins go out and sign a bigger name free agent receiver, I would bet my soul that Mike McDaneil will influence Chris Grier into taking a receiver at some point in April.

We know how well and good a solid receiver behind Hill and Waddle would be. One of the bigger questions heading into next year is whether or not Mike McDaniel, truly, knows this. Teams dared Tua to throw to anyone not named Hill and Waddle towards the end of the season and because a rapport between Tua and anyone else never was created, the ball kept going to Hill and Waddle. Because of this, they both were highly beaten up at the end of the year, especially in the playoff game.

That can't happen again. Another receiver has to come in and take some of the burden off Tyreek and Jaylen. The guys I have listed can do that. They aren't going to go for 1,000 yards but going for about 600-700 would give Hill and Waddle the best chance to be healthy when the stakes get bigger.