Miami Dolphins bring back Braxton Berrios but will they use him?

Braxton Berrios is coming back to the Miami Dolphins brings familiar depth.

New York Jets v Miami Dolphins
New York Jets v Miami Dolphins / Brandon Sloter/GettyImages

You might have thought that Chris Grier was knee-deep in watching conference tournament action. But, you'd be wrong. He's out there trying to improve the Miami Dolphins and he did just that with resigning Braxton Berrios.

Is this the kind of move that fans of the Miami Dolphins will be saying "You know what, these guys won't be so friggin bad in 2024"? No, but Braxton Berrios is a quality player who you can rely on if you actually rely on him.

Braxton Berrios was brought in last year from the Jets and the hopeful thought was that he was going to be a staple on 3rd downs and in the early part of the year, he was asked to catch passes from time to time. But after October 15th, he didn't have a game where he had over 13 yards. That's no way to go about business.

See what happened was that Mike McDaniel drilled it into Tua's head that the only guy he should be throwing to was Tyreek Hill and once and a while tossed one to Jaylen Waddle. Is that a bit of an exaggeration, sure it is. But it's not that far off.

I realize it's an oversimplification to assume that Braxton Berrios can run jerk route after choice route ala his wide-receiver coach, Wes Welker, but he has the speed and a bit of wiggle to him to be asked to do more than return punts a few yards. Though when it comes to returning punts, I like what Berrios brings to the table. But, I would like to see someone else be the #1 punt returner. Get someone back there that can actually break one.

Berrios can be an actual receiver who can help this offense if he actually gets more than the chance he got last year.

With Cedrick Wilson in New Orleans now, the receiving depth is a bit thin. We know about Hill and Waddle but after them, the Miami Dolphins currently employ Berrios, Ezukanma who's coming off a season-ending neck injury, and Braylan Sanders, who I don't really think many have high hopes for.

What this means is that the Dolphins are far from done with filling out their receiving unit. If you've been paying attention to those internet streets, you may have noticed the full-court press that Tyreek Hill is applying to try to get Michael Thomas to Miami. I have to say, if the price is right, I'm all for this signing. He would be a wonderful addition to the middle of the field.

Either way, bringing back a player such as Braxton Berrios, who knows the offense, is a move that may not yield wild results. But, it's the kind of move every team that wins anything makes to keep things moving as smoothly as they can.

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