3 keys for the Miami Dolphins to beat the New York Jets in the first-ever Black Friday game

The Miami Dolphins travel to New Jersey for the first ever Black Friday game and these three keys will allow them to walk out of New Jersey 8-3.

Las Vegas Raiders v Miami Dolphins
Las Vegas Raiders v Miami Dolphins / Megan Briggs/GettyImages
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The Miami Dolphins have the honor of playing in the first-ever Black Friday game. For them to get a win over the New York Jets and move to 8-3, these three keys must be turned.

The Dolphins are in an interesting spot. They're 7-3 and on top of the AFC but they just beat the Raiders by seven in Miami coming off a bye in non-glorious fashion. There isn't too much to say unless you're a fan of the Dolphins, besides, "Yep, they won. Good for them."

I feel that is going to be the consistent thought when discussing the Miami Dolphins until they either drop one of the next four games where they play weaker competition or until they play the Cowboys on Christmas Eve. Other NFL stories will be talked about much more than the Dolphins beating the Jets, Titans, or Commanders.

Not even the spectacle of Hard Knocks, which aired last night, will get many to discuss the 2023 Miami Dolphins for more than two minutes.

I'm fine with that. Let the Dolphins swim under the radar for a few weeks and let other teams dominate the headlines with dumb play and dumb losses.

The important thing the Miami Dolphins need to focus on is the opponent ahead. The New York Jets are a down-trodden team right now but last year they put it on the Dolphins when they went to Metlife Stadium. Sure, the phantom spotters deemed Teddy two gloves unfit to continue to play after the first play of the game but that doesn't mean that the Miami Dolphins who have everything to play for shouldn't have revenge on their minds.

It's Thanksgiving time and every win matters a great deal especially as divisional games ramp up in the AFC. The Dolphins are currently tied for second in the AFC with the Chiefs losing on Monday night. Not just the AFC East title is in play. The overall #1 seed in the AFC is possible especially since the Dolphins play the Ravens later in the season. That game might mean everything.

This is why Mike McDaniel and the leaders on the team need to have this team ultra-focused on the details of everything they do.

We're all going to be in major food comas after Thanksgiving so it would be nice to regain our bearing watching the Miami Dolphins trounce the Jets in New Jersey. I'll be at the game so I especially need to see the Dolphins take down the Jets. I can't walk out of another stadium this year( I was in Buffalo this year) having folks get in my face about how we stink. I need them to get in my face about how they would have won if they had Rodgers.