3 keys for the Miami Dolphins to keep it rolling over the Washington Commanders

Miami Dolphins v New York Jets
Miami Dolphins v New York Jets / Perry Knotts/GettyImages
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The Miami Dolphins travel to DC looking to keep the good times going and to do that they will need to turn these three keys.

Things are very steady as she goes right now. Besides the awful loss of Jaelan Phillips to that disgusting playing surface at Metlife stadium that I wouldn't even force my worst enemy to play on, things are going well for the Dolphins.

More players are returning from an injury such as Terron Armstead (insert he will get injured again comment here), the defense is getting better and better, and the rest of the AFC East is imploding daily.

Sure, the offense could be playing better but I choose to believe that over the next three games, some details will not only be recognized but they will be mostly solved. I'm talking about Mike McDaniel's inability to simply run the ball on 3rd and short. We've seen all the numbers about Miami being last in the league in converting that down under McDaniel and McDaniel himself said he needs to let the running backs take care of that down. I guess we'll believe it when we see it.

At 8-3, the Miami Dolphins are TCBing, that's taking care of business for you newcomers, against the teams they should be beating. How will Miami fare against the better teams in the league? We'll find out on Christmas Eve. But at 8-3, the Dolphins are on top of the AFC East by two and a half games and are right looking at the #1 seed in the AFC. How cool would that be if the Dolphins got the bye? The answer is that it would be very cool.

None of that matters if the Dolphins don't continue to play complimentary football and that continues against the Washington Comanders. The Commies are no slouch even though it appears their coaching administration is falling apart. Their offense is solid and Sam Howell is leading the NFL in passing yards. That guy can play and he has talented receivers around him.

The Miami Dolphins are primed to keep rolling. I feel like they're in a groove right now and have exactly zero fear of teams like Washington. Hopefully, they still have that solid balance of arrogance and confidence mixed with the understanding that anyone can be beaten.