3 Miami Dolphins who are flying under the radar but have been crucial to the team's success

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River Cracraft
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The other other receiver, River Cracraft, has made the most of his opportunity

Six catches for 87 yards and one TD I get isn't anything that most will write home about. But when you're at best the 4th option on any given pass play, I think that stat line is very good.

We figured Braxton Berrios would get his in this offense. He actually only has one more catch and 16 more yards than Cracraft. But we weren't so sure who the other other receiver in the offense would be. It could have been Erik Ezukanma or Cedrick Wilson Jr. but it ended up being Cry Me a River Cracraft(kind of a layup of a name).

Cracraft only had one catch against the Broncos but that was largely due to him suffering a shoulder injury. At this moment, we aren't sure if the Dolphins will be putting River on IR or not. McDaniel isn't ruling anything out.

I feel like Cracraft has delivered one drive a game where he was a big focal point. Against the Chargers, he had a few catches on one drive that resulted in him catching one for six. Then, against the Patriots he was a big part of the beautiful drive before halftime that saw him catch two terrificly thrown and timed slants for good yardage which led to another score.

What I loved about the catches against the Patriots was how Cracraft never had to break stride. A lot of that is because of the ball placement by Tua but I think it has a ton to do with the practice that Cracraft does with Tua.

Replacing River Cracraft is important because Tua can't go to Hill and Waddle every play. One of the aforementioned guys, or Chosen Anderson needs to be that backside receiver.

Hopefully, Cracraft heals like a poor man's Wolverine and is back in a few weeks because he's one of the guys that got the team here.

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