3 most underrated QBs for the Miami Dolphins since 1996

Since 1996, these are the three most underated QBs the Miami Dolphins have had.
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As we are all aware, the Miami Dolphins have had a painfully large amount of quarterbacks since Dan Marino retired. It's the stuff sad legends are made of. However, there have been a few mixed in without all the trash that were solid, but unfortunately get overlooked because of all the pedestrian QBs that surrounded them.

These QBs played for only a few seasons before it was figured out that there talent could only lead the team so far, leading to the franchise looking for another QB who undoubtedly would get replaced shortly after that. A disgusting vicious cycle it was.

Fans seem to think that the search for a franchise QB is over with Tua Tagovailoa set to get be given an amount of money that can by a small country. Hopefully, Tagovailoa will raise his level of play and everything will work out. Typically, it never does, but maybe he has what it takes to break this frustrating and depressing tradition.

With that said, taking a look at Miami QBs from 1996 - I chose 1996 because it's when I started to understsnd the game and inner workings of things - three guys in particular stand out as QBs who no question didn't get the love they deserved while running the offense in South Florida:

3. Jay Fiedler

Want to know the last QB to win a playoff game for the Miami Dolphins? The answer is Jay Fiedler. I know there are a decent amount of fans who have nothing good to say about Fiedler, but I don't understand how anyone back in 2000, right after Marino retired, had super high expectations for him. He didn't have a powerful arm, didn't possess a large frame, and he wasn't wildly elusive, though he could run on occasion.

Fiedler was the first guy to fill the shoes of Marino and honestly, he didn't do too bad. In his first four seasons after being a part of that Jaguars team that beatdown the Dolphins 62-7, which I think is partly the reason why Miami wanted to bring him in, the Dolphins went 10-5, 11-5, 7-3, and 7-4 with Fiedler as the starter.

Yes, the INT numbers aren't good at all, but you can never say that Fiedler didn't do everything he could for the team. He was far from a big guy, but he laid his body on the line when he had to. Watch these highlights of Fiedler in the Dolphins vs. the Raiders. Fiedler wouldn't be denied.