3 most underrated RBs for the Miami Dolphins since 1996

Since 1996, these three running backs were the most underrated for the Miami Dolphins.
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Over the last few decades, the Miami Dolphins have had some very talented running backs in their arsenal. Now, though, let's talk about some of the more underrated guys who have carried the rock for the organization since 1996.

We made it to another position. We previously wrote about underrated QBs, so we headed to the backfield where there were a slew of players that played well for the squad and showed signs of being very strong, only for management or circumstances to keep them from excelling.

The guys on this list may be on the, "what happened to that guy" category when talking to your friends, but their efforts can't be forgotten With that said, here are the most underrated Miami RBs of the past 30 years or so:

3. Karim Abdul-Jabbar

Karim Abdul-Jabbar was one of the first Dolphins draft picks that I went all-in on and thought he was going to be a stud for years. Remember when he was drafted? It's safe to assume just about everyone in the world said the same thing: "Wait, the guy from Airplane who is also the NBA's all-time leading scorer is now a running back?" It was odd then and it still is sort of odd now.

But what can't be refuted is that Abdul-Jabbar's rookie season went very well. He had 1,116 yards and 11 TD touchdowns - fans thought Dan Marino finally got his running back to balance out the offense. A fun and painful stat that could win you a beverage if you find yourself in a situation where you're betting drinks based on getting football trivia correct that Abdul-Jabbar was the only 1,000-yard back Marino ever had.

The next season, Abdul-Jabbar took a dip in yards, but amazingly led the league in TDs with 15. However, the problem was that for a guy who wasn't a large bruising back, his YPC played like a guy who was one. The following year, Abdul-Jabbar actually had more yards than the previous season, but he would only be on the Dolphins half of the 1999 year due to being traded to the Browns. Abdul-Jabbar was out of the league by 2000.