3 players the Dolphins should use to return kicks under new league rules

Would fans be up for these playmakers helping out on special teams?
Miami Dolphins Rookie Minicamp
Miami Dolphins Rookie Minicamp / Carmen Mandato/GettyImages

The Miami Dolphins will have to figure out how best to run kicks back in 2024. The new rules will make all NFL teams change tactics and one of those tactics will be who lines up as their returner. Could a surprise move or two be on the way for Miami?

The field will be shortened, and the kicks will take place from the 35-yard line as it currently stands. The kicking team will line up on the opposing 40-yard line, and the kicker can not cross the 50 until the ball hits the ground. There can be two returners who will line up in the "landing zone," the area from the 20-yard line to the goal. This is where teams have to get creative.

Will some surprise Dolphins changes be on the way for kickoffs?

If this works, the NFL may adopt the rule permanently and the traditional kickoff NFL fans have known forever would be gone. The Devin Hester's will never return to the NFL and that is a shame, but others will step up and it will look a lot different.

Speed is obviously the key, and Miami has more speed than any other team in the NFL. Danny Crossman, the Dolphins' special teams coach, has to find the right guys to put into the "Landing Zone."

Tyreek Hill - Hill makes a lot of sense because he is the fastest player, has a great vision of the field, and can make players miss, but Hill also runs scattered at times. In the open field, good luck trying to catch him, as he will run by you or around you before the defender realizes he is gone. We have, however, seen what happens when Hill gets bunched up with multiple players. He can wiggle around, but his ability to shake them can sometimes be a bit harder. Hill doesn't have the physical ability to run someone over.

While Hill will probably get a shot or two at returning kicks, and the Dolphins should see how it works out, these three may be better options.

Jaylen Wright - Wright is fast, young, and physical. The rookie running back would be an ideal KR specialist to start his career. The sooner he gets acclimated to NFL speed, the better it will serve him, and on KRs, that will come quickly. Wright can be elusive when he needs to be, and he can run you over if he has to. It makes for a nearly perfect situation for the Dolphins.

De'Von Achane - Achane is another speed and vision guy with the physical ability to make defenders miss or pay for it. Putting Wright and Achane in the "Landing Zone" together would be an excellent idea for Crossman. It would give the Dolphins two capable backs with similar abilities on both sides of the field allowing the blockers not to have to change their schemes for differing speed and/or abilities.

Braxton Berrios - Berrios ran a 4.44 40-yard dash at his Pro Day way back when, and while he isn't the fastest player on the roster, he can use his smaller size to squeeze between bigger blockers and make himself smaller. He is quick with the ball and has the most return experience than any other player on the team right now. Berrios was brought into the organization to be a specialist, so the Dolphins need to let him do just that. Will he be able to excel under this new scheme? That is what Miami needs to find out.