3 positions the Miami Dolphins have to upgrade in free agency and the NFL Draft

Of course every unit can use a slight face lift but some units need a big-time make over if this teams wants to seriously contend.
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Naturally, the Miami Dolphins need to address the offensive line, especially the center position.

Just like how the Sun rises every day, the Miami Dolphins need to work on the offensive line.

The line actually did better this year compared to other years. Some of that can be attributed to Mike McDaniel's quick game offense and Tua instantly getting the ball out of hands. But still, the line performed well even in the running game.

But you can make the case that besides Austin Jackson, no other position on the line is accounted for heading into 2024. Robert Hunt is a free agent, and Connor Williams is coming off an ACL tear and is also a free agent. I have no idea who the left guard is because Isaiah Wynn was lost early in the season, and a rotating door of players was used there. And Terron Armstead is contemplating retirement. All signs are pointing to him returning.

I'm sure the Dolphins will address several positions along the line in free agency and the draft. The center position is the one I really want them to focus on. We saw how life was when Connor Williams went down in the Titans game. To me, that was the epicenter of when things started cratering for the Dolphins.

I won't list the free-agent centers out there, but here's a list. You'll love who they have ranked #1.

But I already wrote a few weeks ago about how the Miami Dolphins need to do extensive research about Jackson Powers-Johnson out of Oregon. He's a guy who is a center, not a guard who can do center stuff, who you put in day one and have him there for 6+ years.