3 positive ways the Miami Dolphins can evolve because of the De'Von Achane injury

New York Giants v Miami Dolphins
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Today isn't a fun day. It's not fun hearing Mike McDaniel yesterday be coy about De'Von Achane getting looked at for a knee injury with a solemn tone to it. I know McDaniel loves to play the role of the aloof guy when it comes to injuries or anything for that matter, but to me, he didn't sound like a guy who was too pumped to announce that second-leading rusher in the league and the guy who is averaging a Winnebago rushing has a knee issue.

But that is the reality that we are living in. De'Von Achane, as I'm sure you are fully aware, will be out for multiple weeks.

I have no idea if this means that he will be placed on IR. I'm guessing they're trying to figure out if the injury deserves the four weeks and out distinction.

It really sucks because it has been so much fun watching this guy run the ball. He gets the corner every time and he's not just getting nice gains he's making full-length house calls while he leaves defenders in the dust.

Naturally, as Miami Dolphins fans, we are no strangers to having the rug pulled out from under us. We've been bred to get our hopes up only for gravity to hurl back to Earth violently.

But this isn't your uncle's or older brother's Miami Dolphins team. This Miami Dolphins team has contingency plans in place for all types of things. Mike McDaniel has many ways to get the job done in glorious fashion and although I'm going to miss seeing De'Von Achane pet defenses on the head while he runs by them for six, I'm not worried about the immediate future of the Miami Dolphins.

I actually think Achane's injury will present an opportunity for the Miami Dolphins and they're running game to evolve. Like Bruce Banner in Endgame learned that The Hulk was the cure to his problems and combined Banner with the Hulk, Achane being out will, potentially, force Mike McDaniel to get his contingency plans in working order.

Then when Achane is ready to return, along with other guys like Armstead and Ramsey, the Dolphins can use all parts of their arsenal whenever they please and no team will be able to lock in on any single offensive strategy. Beautiful isn't it?