3 things we learned in the Miami Dolphins taking care of business win over the Giants

New York Giants v Miami Dolphins
New York Giants v Miami Dolphins / Megan Briggs/GettyImages
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Let me just get this out in the open. Let me just be upfront about this; we didn't learn much from the victory the Miami Dolphins achieved over the New York Giants.

I'm pretty sure the majority of us, if we were asked to really think about it and I can't think of a scenerio where you would have to really think about it, would have said "Well as long as the Dolphins get out of there with a win and everyone is healthy, I'm good with what happens." As of writing this and trying to remember yesterday, I don't think anyone was injured too badly and I certainly know that Miami won so mission accomplished am I right?

Although if the Dolphins had to squeak out a win against the hapless Giants then it would be Armageddon in those internet streets. I mean the Dolphins won by 15 and there was still a fair amount of pessimism about how the Dolphins performed.

It's the nature of being as good as the Miami Dolphins are and how bad the New York Giants are. Even though the Giants are really bad, they're still professionals who practice and all that. They're going to get first downs, they're going to get some points, and they will capitalize on your mistakes.

I wrote after the game that the Dolphins were never not in control of the Giants. They could quite literally do whatever they wanted when they wanted to. The Dolphins were Mr. Blonde and the Giants were the copt tied to the chair. At any time Miami could have hacked off an ear. It was up to them when they wanted to.

Can you recall a time in the last few decades where this was the case? I really don't have a year where a Miami Dolphin's team had the ability to work on things in the actually game but that's what I think is happening. I really do believe that Mike McDaniel is working some things out in the middle of the game in terms of formations and packages. Could be wrong, but I'm saying I'm not.

Ultimately, we knew this week didn't mean much as long as Miami got out with a win. We didn't think to hard about reclaiming back the AFC East but the Bills lost so we'll take that for now.

Next week is more of the same. Miami plays a terrible Panthers team in Miami where they will be favorited by around 14 points. The same rules applied to this week apply next week.

I said there wasn't to much to learn from this cruise control stlye win over the Giants. But like Mr. Orange, I lied and I want to share with you what I was lying about.