3 reasons why I firmly believe the Miami Dolphins will smash the Dallas Cowboys

New York Jets v Miami Dolphins
New York Jets v Miami Dolphins / Megan Briggs/GettyImages
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The Miami Dolphins start the hardest part of their season on Sunday against the Dallas Cowboys and I for one think the Dolphins are going to put the boots to the Dallas Cowboys.

On Christmas Eve, right before many will be having a dinner potentially consisting of a ton of fish that you don't really want to eat (worst holiday meal of the year for me) but you know it's tradition. Your extended family whom you barely talk to will get to watch the Miami Dolphins host the Dallas Cowboys.

I fear nothing of what this current Cowboys team brings to the table. They got routed by the Bills in a humiliating manner. We know all about that. We saw in week four when everyone was talking the Dolphins up, like Dallas was getting talked about last week, going up to Highmark Stadium and getting taken out back to get decimated by a highly motivated Bills team. It doesn't feel good and it's what the Cowboys are feeling right now.

With Philadelphia losing last night that does give the Cowboys a little bit of a reprieve from getting stomped by Buffalo. The division is still in play so motivation shouldn't be hard to find for Dallas.

But I do not care. I really don't. I fully understand that my hubris wrapped in a case of the Model Rick Martel's arrogance is something I should not be sprouting right now. I get that. And I fully understand the hexes and jinxes that I am creating with every keystroke. Am I tempting the burial ground under Hard Rock Stadium? I would say no. I say I'm honoring them with my confidence because I'm rather sure they were a confident people.

I've been here before with the Dolphins late in the year. I remember after the Miami Miracle game the Dolphins played the Vikings in Minnesota. I 100% felt Miami was going to go on a run riding the wave of emotion they had. Nope. Kalen Ballage had a long run but that's about all the Dolphins got done that game. They let Kirk Cousins do whatever he wanted and that was the end of the Dolphin's chances of going to the playoffs.

I still think the Miami Dolphins will lay the wood to Dallas. Here's why I do.

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