Jaylen Waddle steps up as the Miami Dolphins prove they can function without Tyreek Hill.

We learned a few things from the Miami Dolphins pounding of the New York Jets.
New York Jets v Miami Dolphins
New York Jets v Miami Dolphins / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages
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The Miami Dolphins got back to their winning ways and laid the smackdown to the New York Jets thus making us all learn a few things.

You can't deny the fact that we were all on edge since the miserable loss on Monday night. Food didn't taste right, things that used to be fun weren't as fun, and irritability levels were through the roof. That's what happens when you lose an improbable game in embarrassing fashion on Monday night football, lose your grip on the #1 seed in the AFC, and leave the door even wider for the surging Buffalo Bills.

Then we learn 90 minutes before game time that Tyreek Hill, who apparently had the ability to decide whether or not he was going to play, determines that his injured ankle was not good enough to go. I wrote on Saturday night that I highly doubted that Hill would elect to not play. I was wrong.

Along with the rough week and Hill sidelining himself, we had to deal with everyone questioning everything about this team from Tua's ability to win late in the season to whether Mike McDaniel had what it takes to adjust and build a scheme without Tyreek Hill. I admit, I had a hand in being a part of those discussions from articles I wrote. They were valid last week and I think they are still a little valid heading into this week just not as much as last week.

Yesterday, the Miami Dolphins came out and decided that all the junk they heard last week wasn't going to bog them down. Right from the get-go, the Dolphins decided they were going to make an example of a Jets team that was coming off their best game of the year.

You can tell that Zach Wilson and the Jets' offense weren't going to go anywhere and the the Dolphins laid the wood for 60 minutes never letting up. It was fun getting back to that kind of football.

In that 30-0 drubbing of the Jets, I think we learned a few more things about the Miami Dolphins.