3 reasons why the Miami Dolphins should consider drafting Michael Penix Jr.

The Miami Dolphins would be foolish not to do their homework on Michael Penix Jr. and there isn't anything wrong with that.

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The idea of the Miami Dolphins drafting another quarterback isn't completely a wild idea. But drafting a quarterback such as Michael Penix Jr. isn't the same as grabbing some unheralded guy in the 4th round.

This article should be fun. It will be fun because the anti-Tua clan or the Tua-Haters as they are dubbed will absolutely love it. On the contrary, the folks that love Tua and think everything that happens isn't exactly his fault, or the Tua-Stans will say I'm not a real fan, or something lazy like that.

It's the offseason and the combine is the next thing on the NFL calendar. Buckle up for loads of hypothetical articles after theoretical articles about players the Dolphins should bring in and draft. None of us know at all what the Dolphins are going to do so maybe don't let a guy from NEPA, me, ruin your day because I think it's not crazy for the Dolphins to at least consider drafting Michael Penix Jr.

No, I'm not the first guy this month or week to suggest the Dolphins with their 21st pick too take Michael Penix Jr. out of Washington. It's been making the rounds this week because some dude on the Rich Eisen show and Joel Klatt suggested the Dolphins take Penix Jr.

Let's not act like suggesting Miami should draft a QB in round one to be some kind of fiber optic-like invention. We know where the Dolphins currently sit with Tua and we saw how he finished the season last year. The ending was a quintessential deflating balloon.

That doesn't mean I think the Dolphins will go quarterback in round one. I don't think they will because I think some form of a long-term deal will get done with Tua within a few months. Will it be for top QB money like it was reported last week that Tua may have a case to ask for or will it be something a hair better than Daniel Jones with escape hatches in it? That remains to be seen.

Either way, Miami should look to the draft or free agency to upgrade their QB position even if Tua is back for a few more years. There's no guarantee that Mike White is back and Skylar Thompson isn't going anywhere.

The fascinating thing about Michael Penix Jr. is at least right now depending on who you listen to and find out there, he may go from anywhere in the 1st round to the middle of the draft. Realistically, I think Penix Jr. will at worst be a middle of the 2nd round pick but remember it's February 17, and none of us know anything.

So be ready to deal with others making that comparison and writing how it's not the craziest thing in the world for Miami to do their homework on Michael Penix Jr. especially since we don't have any form of a firm grasp on where he will be taken in the draft.