3 strategies Mike McDaniel needs to embrace to not have a repeat performance vs. the Chargers

Miami Dolphins v Jacksonville Jaguars
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It's game week. I haven't been able to say in months but it's finally here. In only a few days, we get to see the team we strangely have decided to pledge our fealty to, the Miami Dolphins. play football for real. I'm not sure about you but I can't wait to throw my jersey on at about 8 AM pending it's not 90 degrees like it is currently in NEPA, head to the grocery store, and get everything I need to get done for the games by about 9:30 giving me three and a half hours to find something to do to pass the time.

But when the does strike 4:25, it will be time for the Miami Dolphins to get sweet sweet revenge on the Los Angeles Chargers. We all remember how the Chargers dismantled the Dolphin's offense and made Tua and Mike McDaniel look like whatever that lady said wasn't real on the plane(a little late with this reference but I think it still plays). Brandon Staley, when he isn't holding back the team, created an excellent game plan to put Tyreek Hill and Jaylen Waddle in a box and severely exposed the Dolphins which is something they never really recovered from last year.

Now it's a new year with new expectations and new devices in play to make sure stuff like that doesn't happen again. Miami added Vic Fangio, who was basically training with the League of Shadows for a year concocting new defenses hitherto undreamt of to mold his defense into the league's reckonening.

Players who were hurt last year are back and fully healthy. So there is a good amount of optimism to think the Miami Dolphins can live up to the top 10, a potential Super Bowl contender not even a dark horse team that some folks in the media are dubbing them.

But that offense that Mike McDaniel unleashed, the one that got KO'd by the Chargers and never fully recovered, that offense needs to look a bit different more times than it did last year.

Mike McDaniel is a very good offensive coach who has schemes for days. We saw run teams out of the building with his designs that were carried out by Tua, when healthy. But he needs wrinkles and I'm not talking about the ones he's creating from his vaping.(I think that was a decent joke). He needs some plan B's that don't get discussed the morning after but actually get utilized during live action.

McDaniel needs to fully avail onself of his big brain and that is to make the game easier for himself and his offense. That will allow the more fun and more explosive aspects of the offense to hammer opponents into the ground.

We saw what the Chargers did last year to the Dolphins. They essentially wouldn't allow the receivers to get what they usually do over the middle forcing the Dolphins to throw outside the numbers which is something Mike McDaniel wasn't I suppose comfortable letting happen.

There are some strategies that McDaniel can do to soften that up a bit and simply not just take what the defense is giving them but use what they're giving them and use it against them. Here are some of those strategies.